Anika Noni Rose Husband: Net Worth, Kids, Career, Education and Full Bio

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Anika Nani Rose is a very popular singer and actress. Due to her incredible talent and popularity, many people are curious about her and want to know who is Anika Nani Rose husband is.

Anika Noni Rose

Many people often wonder if Anika Nani Rose is actually married or if she is still single. However, others believe she was actually dating and was even married to Colman Domingo.

Anika Rose is mainly famous for her representation of the first ever Disney African-American princess Tiana in the very popular romantic comedy “The Princess and the Frog.

Rose has also starred in the TV series Power and the movie Dreamgirls. Furthermore, Anika Noni Rose is also a talented singer whose most popular songs are “I Want You, Baby”, Almost There, Down in New Orleans and It’s All over.

So if you are also a fan of Anika Noni Rose and want to know more about her life and are curious about who Anika Noni Rose’s husband is then you have come to the right place.

Hence let’s begin without any delay.

Anika Noni Rose Wiki

Name Anika Noni Rose
Real Name Anika Noni Rose
Age 50 Years Old
Birthplace Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Father Name John Rose
Mother Name Claudia Rose
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm
Weight 57 kg or 125.66 lbs
Net Worth $3 Million
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube


Who is Anika Noni Rose Husband?

Anika Noni Rose is currently single and she is not even married yet. However when Anika shared a photo of her with Colman Domingo with the caption “My Love” people began to speculate.

Anika Noni Rose Husband

Her fans and people in the acting industry thought that Anika was actually dating Colman and some even believed that Colman Domingo was Anika Noni Rose’s husband.

The rumors circulated for several years and neither Anika nor Colman debunked it or commented anything about it. However, the rumors were automatically debunked when Colman Domingo announced his sexuality as gay.

Many people were surprised and got confused that they were still believing that Anika Rose married Colman however Colman Domingo married Raul Domingo in 2014.

Hence Colman Domingo is not Anika Noni Rose’s husband as she is quite single. She also does not have any children to date. People are often wondering why Anika is not married despite being almost fifty years old but the reason can be as simple she has not found anyone yet.

When Anika finds someone and reveals her soulmate we will surely update you about it.

Early Life

Where was Anika Noni Rose born?

Anika Noni Rose was born in Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA on 6th September 1972 which implies she is currently 50 years old. Anika’s father’s name is John Rose and her mother’s name was Claudia Rose.

There is not much information on if Anika has any siblings or if she is just a single child of her parents. When she was young Anika was very fond of acting and singing however at the time she was only focused on her education.

Anika went to Bloomberg high school where she was motivated to learn acting even more so she eventually joined Florida A&M University.

She then relocated to San Francisco and got admitted to American Conservatory Theatre where she learned to become a fine actress.

After completing her acting education, Anika went to New York and within three months started getting tons of offers which paved the way for her career in acting.

Now, let’s take a look at  X’s career:



Anika Rose moved to New York to find roles and start her acting career however she was left unemployed for three months. At long last, Anika got the role on broadway titled “Footloose”.

Anika Noni Rose

Since Anika was as talented as a singer she performed brilliantly in two of the songs which are Eli’s Comin and Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

In 2003, Anika got her first big break in the theatre industry on broadway titled Caroline or Change as she played the role of Emmie Thibodeaux.

Due to her incredible acting and singing, Anika even got one of the most prestigious awards “The Theatre World Award”.

Anika continued to work hard on her career and in 2010 she got another popular broadway show which was titled “For Color Girls”.


In 2009 Anika Rose potentially got her biggest offer to date in the very popular Disney animated movie “Princess and the Frog”. Since this was an animated movie she only gave voice to the lead actress of the movie Tiana.

With this movie, Anika Rose became the first ever African-American woman to play a lead actress in a Disney movie. Anika was trying to be a role model for other African-American girls in the USA and the same year the first black president of the USA Barak Obama was crowned.

Many commentators even criticized Disney’s effort to appeal to the new government of the USA however the movie network states that it was actually coincidental.

Anaki became insanely famous for the movie and was nominated in the NAACP awards she also won the Black Reel Award for Best Outstanding Voice Performance.

In 2011, Rose was named the Disney Legend and awarded the Disney Legend Awards which Rose stated was her dream come true.

In 2013, Anika Rose’s popularity was at an all-time high and she was starting to appear in various TV shows as well mainly “The Good Wife” from 2010 to 2013.

Between that period Anika Rose also appeared frequently in movies mainly in Bag of Bones as Sara Tidwell. Work was never much for Anika as she was approached to play tons of guest roles in Simpson, Gone Abie Gone, and more.

Lockdown Initiation

When her work was halted by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Anika Rose started new series for the kids where she started reading bedtime stories for children.

Rose stated that this was because she knows children often get scared from lockdown and she wanted to calm their fears and nerves and let them sleep peacefully.

The latest project of Anika Noni was released in 2020 in the movie titled Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey where she played the role of Jessica Jangle.

A year later Anika also made her debut in the Netflix series with the show “Maid” where she plays a depressive lawyer who joins forces with a young woman who is running away from her abusive husband.


Apart from singing in her broadway theatre, Anika Rose is also popular for various songs such as Dreamgirls, It’s All Over, Cadillac Car, Move, and more.

Anika has a very unique and soothing voice and most kids love her voice. Anika has also appeared in several awards and kids’ show and have performed her iconic Almost There song from “Princess and the Frog”.


Anika Rose is quite a humble actress and she has not been in any major involved in any major controversy.

However Rose got into some sort of scandal when her beloved Disney princess character Tiana who was black in Princess and the Frog appeared tan in the next movie “Wreck-It, Ralph”.

When African-American fans were upset some of them blamed it on Anika Rose as they thought she made that decision but Anika stated that she was as upset and confused as the rest of the audience.

Rose also stated she has requested the Disney team to look into this error and leave Princess Tiana as she was before.


What is Anika Noni Rose’s height & weight?

Anika Noni Rose stands at the height of 5 foot 2 inches or 157 cm and weighs about 57 kg or 126 lbs. Rose has a body measurement of 26 inches and she likes to wear shoes of size 6 US.

Rose has black color hair and her eyes color is also black. Anika has unique braided hair and a lovely trademark smile which is still amazing now as when she was young.

Anika Rose’s zodiac sign is Virgo which explains her personality to be really bubbly, charming, and very workaholic.

In terms of nationality, Anika Rose is American and belongs to mixed African-American ethnicity. She follows Christanity as her religion.

Net Worth

What is Anika Noki Rose’s net worth?

Anika Rose is a very popular actress, singer, and social media figure who has made millions in her career primarily from her acting career.

Anika Noni Rose Net Worth

Starting from a broadway actress and singer, Anika became the icon and Disney Legend from the movie “Princess and the Frog” which has made her the most money in her career.

Anika has appeared in over 25 movies and over 20 TV shows to date and she has also performed over 2o songs in her career.

Needless to say, Anika has gotten quite a success in her career and as of 2022, her net worth is approximately $3 million.

Despite living amazing life, Anika Noni has not revealed her lifestyle and her owned properties or assets to date.


  • Anika Noni Rose husband is not Colman Domingo and in fact, she is single.
  • Rose hosted and read the storybook series during the lockdown.
  • Anika Rose started learning acting when she was just ten years old.
  • Rose played the character of Tiana who was the first ever African-American Disney princess.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about X:

Q: Who is Anika Noni Rose husband?

A: Anika Noni is single so she does not have a husband. People believed she was married to Coleman Domingo for a long time.

Q: When was Anika Rose born?

A: Anika Rose was born on September 6, 1972, and she is currently 50 years old.


Image Credit: @AnikaNoniRoseInstagram

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