Top 5 Shocking Brad Mondo Controversies [2023]

Brad Mondo is a very popular American hairstylist who is popular for making reaction and roast videos. Not only that, but Mondo is also equally famous for styling the hair of many celebrities and appearing in plenty of fashion weeks.

Brad Mondo

Brad’s product Mondo collection is also one of the most sold-out merchandise since 2019 and still rising in 2022.

Mondo has tons of fans worldwide and has taken social media, especially YouTube, by storm.

Just like every successful person, Brad Mondo is direct and cutthroat in his business approach, for which he has gotten quite a backlash over the years.

In this article, we will look at some of the infamous Brad Mondo Controversies for which he received quite a lot of criticism and backlash on his social media.

Brad Mondo Career

Brad Mondo Controversy

Despite the controversy, or maybe because of it, Brad Mondo is still regarded as one of Hollywood’s most followed social media influencers and hairstylists.

Brad Mondo Net Worth

So let’s take a look at some of the controversies of Brad Mondo:

Vegan Hair Product

Brad Mondo Controversy

One of the most popular controversies that Brad Mondo was ever involved in was his vegan hair product line. During its launch, Brad announced that the product was purely vegan and free from animal cruelty however, when people did more research, the case was not true.

Many people realized one of the components of the Mondo hair gel was Glitterati Styling Serum which was actually a non-veg product. The product contained a chemical called Carmine, made by crushing bugs.

This created a huge backlash among the Vegan community, and when they contacted the animal cruelty company to confirm the product, their response was even more shocking.

Brad Mondo’s product was never labeled as cruelty-free, which meant it was never even checked to see if the component contained any non-veg product.

After back and forth, Brad finally admitted that he did not comply with animal cruelty products, so he pulled back his products. Later fashion experts and even some of his fans found out Brad removed the term vegetarian from his product Glitterati.

Mannequin Controversy

Brad Mondo Controversy

Brad Mondo surrounded himself with another controversy when he decided to compare his hair gel with another box dye.

However, during the process, he allegedly exchanged the mannequins that were already bad previously.

After the experiment, Brad declared his hair product as a winner and started to bad mouth other products. However, many fans were suspicious and accused Brad of switching mannequins to boost his ego and claim his products were better.

At first,  Brad refused there was any foul play. However, there was plenty of evidence in the videos that the two mannequins were not the same, so Brad came to Twitter to acknowledge the two mannequins were changed but not intentionally.

However, the damage was already done, as fans and other social media influencers labeled Brad as a liar and arrogant.

Controversy with Stitchery

Brad Mondo Controversy

Another controversy about Brad Mondo is his involvement with a YouTuber named Stitchery. In 2018, Brad and Stitchery collab for a hair and makeup makeover, which was streamed on Brad’s YouTube channel.

At first, everything was fine, as Brad and Stitchery enjoyed and laughed. However, it was all about to turn into Stitchery’s worst nightmare. Stitchery’s hair was in very bad condition, but instead of nourishing it, Brad recommended bleaching and coloring, mentioning it was just dry.

Stitchery’s hair became a total disaster as it was dry yellow and looked horrible. She was very upset with the result and even posted a video complaining about Brad, which went viral, so Brad had to apologize for it in the next video.

Many of his competitors started making troll and react videos which Brad used to make troll and laugh at others. Popular hairstylist Brittney Gray also reacted on her YouTube video.

Many YouTubers claimed to remove Brad’s make-up and hairstyling license after the controversy however it did not happen, and the matter was resolved.

However, after one year, Stitchery acknowledged it was her idea to bleach, and Brad even warned her that her hair would be damaged. She clarified the matter was resolved and had privately apologized to Brad.

Twin controversy

Brad Mondo Controversy

Brad Mondo has a younger brother Eric Mondo who looks identical to him however Brad is almost two years younger than Eric.

But instead of mentioning their appropriate age difference Eric started to react with his brother by putting “Twins” in the title.

At first, fans did not know Brad and Eric were not twins, so they were fascinated by twin brothers. Later many fans pointed out differences in personality between Brad and Eric some of them got suspicious.

They instead checked personal information of Brad and eventually found Brad was born on October 28, 1994, and Eric was born on April 17, 1992.

This created outrage among Brad’s fans as it once again proved he is used to clickbait and lie to get additional YouTube views.

However, some of the fans also came into Brad’s support claiming the Twin was just a joke word, and Brad numerously acknowledged people mistake the brothers as Twins.

Instead of acknowledging the uproar, Brad and Eric decided to keep quiet, and the matter faltered through without doing extreme damage to the brother’s reputation.

COVID – 19 Controversy

Brad Mondo Controversy

Another major controversy Brad Mondo got involved in was related to his brother Eric. However, at this time, it was not even Brad’s fault.

During the COVID pandemic, the government had warned anyone not to travel; instead, Eric decided to travel to celebrate Christmas with Brad and his family.

The next day Eric was diagnosed with COVID-19, which Brad tweeted was his big mistake. All of Brad and Eric’s fans started to throw shade at the brothers, and some social media influencers even trolled them for being irresponsible.

Many Reddit and TikTok users were openly planning to cancel Mondo brothers however the matter did not get to that extreme.

Hence these are some of the major controversies that Brad Mondo has landed in. However, the popularity of this amazing hairstylist has not diminished slightly.

Brad Mondo has lots of fans and also a handful of haters, but his success still speaks volumes.

With a net worth of approximately $4 million, there is no doubt Brad Mondo is still in demand and has generated many fans over the years.

We will just have to hope he does not land into another controversy for us to update.


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