Did Brad Mondo Actually Lie to his Fans?

Brad Mondo is a very popular makeup artist, hairdresser, and YouTuber who likes to react to other hairdressers’ hairstyles and ranked them. However, Brad has gotten into quite a lot of scandals and controversy especially when he lied about his twin brother.

Brad Mondo

So let’s figure out how it all started.

Brad Mondo has a brother who is a model Eric Mondo. Brad has tons of videos on YouTube but only a couple of them with his brother Eric.

In the title of the videos with his brother Brad has mentioned the word “Twin” which implies Brad and Eric are Twin Brothers.

The title of the two videos was:

  • I tried Squit Gun Hair Color With My Twin!”
  • I gave my twin a major hair makeover. 

Many of Brad’s fans did not know they were twins so just like other twin YouTubers such as Brooklyn & Bailey Mcknight, The Martinez Twins, Brad and Eric became quite popular Twin YouTubers with similar interest in hairstyling and modeling.

These two videos became very popular on YouTube with both getting over million views and “I did my brother’s hair makeover”  got over 4 million views as the result.

When fans of Brad find out that the brothers were twins they decided to know more of his personal information. However, when they did their research they found out that Brad and Eric are not twin brothers.

Eric was born on April 17th, 1992 whereas Brad’s birthday falls on 28th October 1994.

This means Eric is over 1.5 years older than Brad and they are not a twin. This created huge sparks of controversy for Brad Mondo as many people began to question if Brad was even honest about anything.

So the main question arises:

Why did Brad state Eric was his twin?

When Brad Mondo’s fans questioned his integrity and accused him of lying about being twins just for views and money he had to address the issue.

Brad’s response was that since Brad responded to look almost the same many people, their friends, and relatives thought that they were twins.

He clarified even mentioning anything at first, Brad and Eric’s fans used to think that the brothers were twins so instead of explaining anything they decided to continue to become twins because it will be harder to make their fans understand that they were not twins.

Did Brad Mondo lie to his fans?

It is unclear whether Brad genuinely lied to his fans about Eric Mondo being his twin brother just for views and money.

Since both brothers looked alike referring to each other as twins is not that hard to understand however since Brad is a very popular celebrity and has lots of followers and fans it is essential, to be honest with them.

Brad Mondo

Since Brad had lied about something many of his fans now wonder if he has been lying about his life, career, and even his relationship status. This misunderstanding creates mistrust among celebrities and fans.

Did Brad lie about replacing the mannequin?

After getting criticized for his hair product not being authentic Brad decided to make an experiment using a box dye on one mannequin and using his product on another one.

After some experimentation, he showed his audience that his hair product was genuine and was better than any box dye. He gloated about the quality of his product and ridiculed his competitor in one of the epic rants on YouTube.

However, this proved to be a very bad idea as fans noticed that Brad had switched the mannequins to make his product look better than any box dye.

Brad faced even more backlash than before as fans complained he will stoop this low to make his product look better however Brad apologized to everyone on Twitter and promised that mannequins were switched without his knowledge.

He promised he was unaware of the exchange and has taken the necessary steps to punish the person responsibly.

However, his critics, fans, and trolls were not letting this controversy slip easily and were convinced the plan was all Brad’s to prove his product was better than anybody.

So on some occasions, Brad has lied to his fans for the benefit of the views, and money and also for some controversy however in both instances it is unclear whether Brad has been lying intentionally or it was genuinely a mistake or whether he had known anything about it.

If you want to know about more Brad Mondo Controversies then please check out this article.

Only Brad can provide an answer to “Did Brad Mondo lied to his fans”.

Image Credit- @BradmondoInstagram

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