Dr.Gadson Johnson Wiki: Net Worth, Wedding, Wife, House, Age and Full Bio

Dr.Gadson Johnson is a very popular psychiatrist and mental health doctor who came into the limelight from his beautiful wife and actress Jazmin Johnson.

Dr.Gadson Johnson

Gadson currently lives and has a career in Santa Moricana. He has no interest in being a celebrity however media wants to know who is Jazmin’s husband and how they got married in the first place.

On the other hand, Jazmin Johnson requires no introduction as she is a trendy fitness blogger and trainee, actress, and influential social media personality.

Jazmin has a huge social media fan following from her Instagram account to YouTube and even her TikTok.

Gadson is quite private and is not much active on social media but many fans of Jazmin are curious about him.

So if you are also a fan of Jazmin and want to know more about her husband Gadson, how they met, his career, and his net worth then you have come to the right place.

Dr. Gadson Johnson Wiki

Name Gadson Johnson
Real Name Gadson Johnson
Age 45 Years Old
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Libra
Father Name Gadson Johnson I
Mother Name N/A
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse Jazmin Johnson
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 6 ft 1 inch or 185 cm
Weight 89 kg or 196 lbs
Net Worth $6 Million
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Early Life

Where was Dr. Gadson Johnson born?

Dr. Gadson Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California on 14th, October 1977 which implies he is currently 45 years old. He was born to Gadson J Johnson, however, there is not much information about his mother and what she does for a living.

Dr. Gadson Johnson

Moreover, Gadson has two siblings and both sisters whose names are Karla and Ashanti Johnson.

Gadson Johnson’s father was also a doctor so he decided his son will get the best education to become a doctor as well. As Gadson was very talented he went to the David Geffen School of Medicine and graduated with flying colors.

Gadson has practiced in various medical facilities mainly VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and also went to East Los Angeles Doctor’s hospital.

Gadson first became famous in the TV scene in the first season of Married to Medicine which is the reality TV show about actresses marrying Doctors.

People loved the demeanor and habits of Gadson Johnson and were quite curious about Jazmin Johnson’s husband.

After the demand to feature him more, Gadson has appeared in some more roles in the show however he is not a permanent member of the show due to his very busy schedule and routine.

Now, let’s take a look at  Gadson Johnson’s career:


Mental Health Doctor

Dr. Gadson Johnson has been successfully treating patients of general mental health for over fifteen years. Ever since he practiced mental health studies at UCLA university Gadson has made his name at the top of the doctor’s list.

Furthermore, Gadson is also famous for his fit body and very healthy looks. He is quite popular on social media with over thousands of followers, especially on his Instagram account.

After tons of experience in mental health and medical conditions, Gadson has also contributed to other problems such as physical and sexual abuse, drug abuse, body disorders, etc.

TV Show Career

Dr. Gadson Johnson first appeared on the small screen in the reality TV show “Marriage to Medicine” where various celebrities are married to Doctors and how their life pan out.

Gadson made quite a remarkable appearance and demeanor on the show as he was very charismatic, polite, and amazing. However, the problem was due to his professional scheduling Gadson did not appear on the show despite becoming a fan favorite.

In the show, Gadson’s wife Jazmin has stated that Gadson is truly married to Medicine as he does not have much time to have fun or go on vacations and when he gets some time he wants to spend it with his wife and his child.

However, fans all around the world loved the occasional cameo appearance of Gadson despite him not having much time to appear on the show.

His wife Jazmine is an actress and social media figure so she has plenty of time for reality TV shows. Furthermore, she is very kind, humble, and supportive of her husband’s busy life which has made her among the favorites of the show.

After being popular from the show, Jazmin Johnson also created her own YouTube channel where she shares her beauty and fitness training routine, vlogs, advice, and routine exercises that have kept her fit and healthy.

Furthermore, Jazmine also has her own merchandise ring which you can buy from Jazminjohnson.com/shop.

Gadson and Jazmine’s careers became way beneficial from the reality TV show Married to Medicine but Gadson is not interested in this life and instead is completely focused on his life as a professional doctor.


Marital Controversy

Gadson Johnson was not present most of the time in the show “Married to Medicine” which raised doubts among housemates and the public that the marriage between Gadson and Jazmine was not on good terms as they want to portray it.

The unique situation was all the other contestants’ husbands were mostly present on the show despite coming from a similar profession which was unlike Gadson who only appeared on a couple of shows and was not present full time as well.

When the controversy reached a new level as other stars on the show and the public started accusing Gadson of cheating Jazmin and she was not comfortable sharing him in the spotlight, Jazmin had to clear the accusation was false.

She stated that Gadson was truly married to medicine and was a full-time professional health worker who had the obligation to appear for his work and did not receive a break to appear on the show.

Jazmin stated that the only time Gadson was among them for a long time was during the birth of their child.

Jazmin was quite sad and jealous of other contestants whose husbands were on the show all the time but she understood that Gadson was truly married to medicine.

This reason may have cleared some people but others raised questions because Jazmin never stated how the couple first met with each other and how they started dating.

Jazmin has not clarified further and judging by the looks on social media it seems like the couple is still together.


Who is Dr. Gadson Johnson dating?

Dr. Gadson Johnson is not only dating but is married to his longtime girlfriend an actress and social media figure Jazmin Johnson.

Dr. Gadson Johnson

There is not much information on when and how Gadson and Jazmin first met with each other. After dating for some years with each other Gadson and Jazmin tied the knot in 2015.

As Jazmin was a popular upcoming model and actress the news was caught by the media and it became a huge deal. At the time nobody knew who Gadson was but even after marriage media and paparazzi were not able to find any information about him.

After two years of marriage, Jazmin gave birth to her son whose name was Gadson Johnson II which is the same name as his father and grandfather.

Currently, Gadson Johnson’s son is five years old and is living an amazing life with his parents in Los Angeles. The couple occasionally shares their amazing photos together but Gadson is not on them most of the time.


What is Dr. Gadson Johnson’s height & weight?

Dr. Gadson Johnson stands at the height of 6 ft 1 inch or 185 cm and weighs about 89 kg or 196 lbs.

There is not much information on his body size and his shoe size however Gadson is very fit and has a muscular body which implies he likes to spend time in his gym.

Dispiete being a mental doctor he must be active and strong to deal with all the patients, problems and have to be proactive which is why he is really focused on energy diet and fitness.

Gadson Johnson’s zodiac sign is Libra. He has black color hair and black color eyes. Furthermore, Gadson is American in terms of nationality and belongs to mixed African-American ethnicity.

Johnson follows Christanity as his religion. Gadson is very busy with his professional life so there is not much information on his hobby but no doubt he is interested in fitness and strength which may be one of his hobbies.

Net Worth

What is Gadson Johnson’s net worth? 

Gadson Johnson is a professional mental health doctor who has been treating patients for over 15 years. He has worked for Anaheim Global Medical center and East Los Angeles Doctor’s Hospital.

Dr. Gadson Johnson Net Worth

Dr. Gadson is very well compensated for his professional knowledge and treatment because mental health doctors are considered one of the most important members of society.

As of 2022, Dr. Gadson Johnson has a net worth of approximately $6 million. His wife Jazmin Johnson has a net worth of approximately $2 million.


  • Dr. Gadson Johnson is married to popular actress and model Jazmine Johnson.
  • Gadson Johnson got his education from the David Geffen School of Medicine.
  • Johnson has an only child in his son whose name is Gadson Johnson II.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Dr. Gadson Johnson:

Q: Did Dr. Gadson Johnson appear on Married to Medicine?

A: Yes Gadson Johnson made some brief appearances on the show but due to his timing and schedule he was not available all the time.

Q: Did Dr. Gadson Johnson cheat on Jazmin Johnson?

A: No Gadson did not cheat on Jazmin but since he was not on the show most of the time other contestants and audiences suspected the cheating.



Image Credit: @JazminJohnsonInstagram

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