Hannah Pixie Snowdon Wiki: Net Worth, Tattoo, Nepal and Full Bio

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is a very popular Tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and social worker who has been doing social work and tattooing the body of people with her various original arts.

Hannah Pixie Snowdon

Snowdon had one of the biggest tattoo parlors in the UK based on her favorite band “Black Sabbath”,

Currenlty Hanna became popular after uprooting her life in the UK and moving to Nepal to live among nature and help in society there.

Hannah as of now lives in an amazing place in Pokhara where she is establishing a self-sustaining community.

Ever since when she was young Hannah has shown how she is fearless and determined to follow her dream in a corruption-less, peaceful society.

So if you are also a fan of Hannah Snowdon and want to know about her career, early education, and net worth then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will find Hannah Pixie Snowdon’s net worth, relationship, career, location, and more.

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Hannah Pixie Snowdon Wiki

Name Hannah Snow
Real Name Hannah Pixie Snowdon
Age 29 Years old
Birthplace England, UK
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5 ft 3 inches
Weight 48 kg
Net Worth $1 million
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Early Life

Where was Hannah Pixie Snowdon born?

Hannah Snowdon was born in England, UK in Doncaster, Yorkshire. She was born on January 19th, 1993 which implies she is currently 29 years old.

Hannah Pixie Snowdon

Hannah went to a local school when she was young however by the time she was in college she was not fond of studies anymore.

She dropped out of college and began to train in Tattoo art and piercing and eventually started doing minor gigs as a Tattoo artist.

There is no information on the name of Hannah’s parents however somewhere she has revealed that both of her parents were from the medical profession. It is also unclear whether Hannah has any siblings or she is the only child of her parents.

Hannah was always fond of independency and freedom so she started living alone quite early in her life. There is not much confirmation on if Hannah is estranged from her parents however there are not many photos or mentions of her parents on her social media.

After getting some experience in the Tattoo shop Hannah and her friend started their own tattoo parlor which paved the way for the beginning of her career.

Now, let’s take a look at  Hannah Pixie Snowdon’s career:


Tattoo Artist

After leaving college Hannah started working as a desk operator in the Tattoo shop. She started to get fond of tattoos and started learning and practicing tattoo art which raised her experience.

After working for two years in the shop, Hannah and her friends decided to open their own Tattoo parlor named Black Sabbath.

Hannah worked as a Tattoo artist for ten years where she was very popular for her amazing art and peaceful tattoo piercing.

After working for ten years as a tattoo artist Hannah was not impressed by her life so she decided to change her life in the search of peace and zen.

Visiting Nepal

Hannah was visiting Nepal previously as a tourist and fell in love with the place, especially Pokhara. She was determined to return to the place after knowing that place was still underdeveloped and needed some help and change in the community.

In 2017, Hannah left her life, career, and place in the UK and moved to Nepal to establish her charity work in the place.

She started sleeping in the cow shed with six other people and began to cook for everyone. During the daytime, she united with some of the local families and decided to make a huge NGO community to help the needy and poor people in the area.

Furthermore, she has made an eco-sustainable community in the area that does not use modern facilities such as Wifi, internet, etc for a long period of time.

Despite living in the wilderness for five years in Nepal Hannah has never been so happy and she along with her dog is waiting for her mother to completely move in with her life with her.

Hannah has completely adapted to her life in Nepal and now she can even speak flawless Nepali to communicate with the people and the family currently she is living with.

Hannah has not set guidelines on when her dream of an eco-friendly community will be completed however she is still very hard on her work.


Apart from being a popular Tattoo artist and social worker, Hannah is also an author who preaches zen and peace in some of her books.

Snowdon has shared and published a couple of amazing books which are The Balance Book and The Key Zine.

One of her books The Key Zine was so popular that within just a minute of the launch of the book 200 copies were already sold.

Hannah donated more than $6000 to charity after the sales of all of her books which shows her philanthropy nature.


Domestic Violence

Hannah Pixie Snowdon was in a relationship with Bring Me The Horizon lead singer Oliver Sykes for three to four years. However, in 2016 the pair broke up, and in fact, Snowdown files a domestic abuse lawsuit against Sykes.

Hannah claimed that Oliver used to get drunk and beat her and spat on her. He was starting to coerce her for money, and sex, and without any reason as well.

Hannah also added that she was not the only girl of Oliver who was the victim of domestic violence. Furthermore, Oliver was also accused of assault and urinating on a woman when she refused to have intercourse with him.

Oliver completely denied all the allegations and the lack of evidence was enough for the judge to sentence him not guilty.

After the breakup with Oliver, Hannah’s life has been calm and quiet and she had been away from any kind of major controversy.


Who is Hannah Pixie Snowdon dating? 

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is currently single and is living her best life after coming out of a very violent and abusive relationship.

Previously Hannah was dating singer and guitarist Oliver Sykes who is the lead singer and guitarist of the band “Bring Me the Horizon”.

There is not much information on when Snowdon and Sykes first met but they eventually married each other in 2015 a year later in 2016 Hannah and Sykes separated and eventually divorce each other.

The reason for the divorce was not revealed by either Hannah or Sykes until 2019 when Oliver accused Hannah of cheating on him and infidelity.

Hannah has agreed she was having brief infidelity but stated the main reason she divorced Oliver was because of his physical and mental abuse of her.

Hannah and Oliver do not have any children in fact Hannah does not have any children at all. Currenlty she lives alone with her pet dog and is still living single.

Hannah has found peace and calmness in her single life and is in no hurry to be in a relationship any time soon. When she reveals her new boyfriend or if she becomes a mother we will surely update you about it.


What is Hannah Pixie Snowdon‘s height & weight?

Hannah Pixie Snowdon stands at the height of 5 ft 3 inches or 160 cm and weighs about 48 kg or 105 lbs. Her body measurement is 31-24-29 inches and she likes to wear shoes of size 6 US.

Snowdon has black color hair and her eyes are brown in color. Hannah is very passionate about tattoos as she is a Tattoo artist in her own regard so she has tattoos on her entire body.

In terms of her zodiac sign, Hannah Snowdon is Capricorn which explains her personality to be easier to make friends, and loved ones and have a large number of romantic interests.

In terms of nationality, Hannah Pixie is English and she follows white caucasian nature as her ethnicity. Hannah belongs to Christanity as her religion however she has kept an open mind about it and believes in all kinds of religions.

Net Worth

What is Hannah Pixie Snowdon’s net worth?

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is a very popular Tattoo artist, social activist, and social media figure from which she has made quite a lot of money.

Hannah Pixie Snowdon Net Worth

Snowdon worked as a tattoo artist for ten years and from her own mouth, she has stated that Hannah was always financially stable and did not have to rely on anyone.

Hannah is very active in charity, donation, and philanthropy and has donated several of her earnings.

Hannah also briefly worked as a model as well in different popular brands and agencies from which she made a decent amount as well.

As of 2022, Hannah Pixie Snowdon has a net worth of approximately $1 million.


  • Hannah Pixie Snowdon has her own Shopify store where she sells her art.
  • Snowdon has also released her own books to donate to charity.
  • Hannah Snowdon’s tattoo parlor’s name is Black Sabbath.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about X:

Q: Where did Hannah Pixie Snowdon living currently?

A: Hannah Pixie Snowdon is currently living in Pokhara, Nepal among the local community.

Q: Whom did Hannah Snowdon date?

A: Hannah dated and was even married to popular singer Oliver Skyes from Bring me the Horizon.



Image Credit: @HannahPixieSnowdonInstagram

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