Isaac Ordonez Wiki: Wednesday, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend and Full Bio

Isaac Ordonez is a very popular child actor who has recently become very popular for his role as Pugsley Addams in the hit Netflix show Wednesday.

Isaac Ordonez

Despite being very young Isaac has done a handful of acting roles over the years but it has mostly been Latino or Mexican shows so people around the world may not be familiar with his talent.

However, after the release of Wednesday Isaac’s popularity and fanbase has started to go through the roof. Isaac has appeared in some more movies and TV shows most notably on 7th Union, Psycho Sally, and more.

Many new Ordonez fans are curious about how this young actor started his acting career and what he likes to do in his spare time.

So if you are also a massive Isaac Ordonez fan and want to know about his life, career, and net worth then you have come to the right place.

Hence without any delay let’s begin.

Isaac Ordonez Wiki

Name Isaac Ordonez
Real Name Isaac Ordonez
Age 13 Years Old
Birthplace California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity USA
Zodiac Sign Aries
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Brown
Height 5 ft 3 inches or 160 cm
Weight 55 kg or 121 lbs
Net Worth $80,000
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Early Life

Where was Isaac Ordonez born?

Isaac Ordonez was born in California, USA. Ordonez is currently 13 years old as he was born on 15th April 2009. There is no information on his parents to date however they have played an integral part in motivating Isaac to become an actor.

Isaac Ordonez

There is also no information on if Isaac has any siblings or if he is the only child of her parents. Ordonez is just 13 years old so he is still in his school days but he has not revealed he studies.

Now, let’s take a look at  Isaac Ordonez’s career:



Isaac Ordonez started his acting career when he was just nine years old. As mentioned above Isaac was always good at acting and mostly acted in plays and theatre.

Ordonez’s first project was when he was just ten years old in “A Wrinkle in Time was released in 2018. A Wrinkle in Time is a sci-fi fantasy film where Isaac played a short but charming role as Charles Wallace Double.

Isaac did make some mark on the acting industry but he was very happy and became massively motivated to work some more. After a year he appeared in a music video alongside  Ryan Cassata, Chromeo, and Julian Brian as Yung Dave.

Ordonez became quite popular with the music video as he was very adorable and fitted in the role quite perfectly. Isaac’s other project was quite a strange one as he started in  Da De Las Carpas a thrilling comedy film whose director was Joo Dall’Stella.

He was then approached by David D Aguilar for a role in the movie Psycho Sally which is a short comedy movie that became very popular among fans in the USA and some other parts of the world.

Despite being very young, Isaac got quite a lot of projects but all of them were short supportive child roles. In 2021 he appeared in another Latino movie titled Dispara Y Mata directed by Sophia Youssef.

However, his first big break came in the same year when he played in the thriller movie 7th Union where he played the role of Mario’s friend which became quite remarkable for his new career.

After the popularity of the movie sparked Isaac Ordonez became one of the most promising child artists to look out for. Ordonez then starred in the short movie Husky which became decently popular.

This led to Isaac getting one of his biggest roles to date in the new Netflix series Wednesday.


In early 2022, Isaac Ordonez got the role in the very popular Netflix show Wednesday which revolves around the famous Addams Family and their daughter Wednesday Addams.

Isaac has appeared in six of the episodes as Pugsley Addams. Wednesday has become one of the most-watched shows in recent weeks with the stars such as Jenna Ortega, Christina Ricci, Moosa Mostafa, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In the show, Isaac plays Purglsey Addams who is the younger brother of Wednesday and has only appeared in six episodes however he has impressed many people with his acting skill.

There is no doubt this talented kid is going to be one of the most promising actors in the future as he still has age on his side.

There is not much information on what the next project of Isaac is however we can be sure that Isaac will play a significant role in the coming season of the show “Wednesday” and we can’t wait to enjoy it.


Isaac Ordonez is a very popular and inspiring young child actor who has made quite a name for himself from his Netflix show Wednesday.

Ordonez is very far from any controversy and scandal he has become one of the most adorable cast from the show and everyone loves him.


Who is Isaac Ordonez dating?

Isaac Ordonez is a young 10-year-old amazing actor who is single at the moment. There is no information on if Isaac is dating anyone or has any girlfriend but looking at social media there is no doubt that Isaac has lots of friends.

Isaac is just 13 years old so he is most likely focused on his career and his school life. At the moment there is a lot of momentum in his acting career and he is also way too young to engage in any relationship.

Ordonez has not provided any updates on if he has a girlfriend and after searching on his social media no evidence can conclude Isaac is dating someone.

When Isaac grows up, becomes mature, and finds someone whom he loves at the time definitely he will reveal it to his fans.


What is Isaac Ordonez’s height & weight?

Isaac Ordonez stands at the height of 5 ft 3 inches or 160 cm and weighs about 55 kg or 121 lbs. Ordonez’s current body measurement is still unknown however he likes to wear shoe size 6 US.

Ordonez has black color hair and his eyes color is light brown. Isaac has a lean body a long face and a very cute smile. Ordonez’s zodiac sign is Aries according to many sources which explains his personality of being very calm, disciplined, and hardworking.

In terms of nationality, Isaac is American and belongs to the white ethnicity whereas he follows Christianity as his religion. Ordonez normally stays in California, Alaska, and even New York.

Isaac is a very athletic and bubbly boy who has lots of hobbies apart from acting. Ordonez is always excited about traveling, vacations, and having a fun time at the fun park.

Isaac also likes to watch movies, anime, and theatre plays but mostly he likes to spend time with his family and his siblings.

Social Media

Isaac Ordonez has become very popular in social media after the release of his Netflix show “Wednesday”. However, his fans will be disappointed to find out that Ordonez is only active on Instagram.

Since Isaac is very young his parents may have taken a decision to not promote his personal life on every social media and Instagram is less toxic than lots of other social media.

Apart from Instagram Isaac is not available on any other social media platforms. Isaac has currently just over 139,000 followers on his Instagram account where he shares images of his day-to-day life, filming photos, video clips, and fun times he has with his friends, family, and his co-star.

Isaac is already a star so there is no doubt his Instagram followers is going to increase tenfold in the coming days.

Net Worth

What is Isaac Ordonez’s net worth? 

Isaac Ordonez is a young and upcoming actor who has made his name in Mexico, other Latino countries, and now in the USA. Ordonez has earned the majority of his earnings from his acting career most notably from his new Netflix show Wednesday.

Isaac Ordonez

It is unclear how much Isaac Ordonez has earned from the show as he has appeared only in six episodes but Wednesday is not only his first movie as Isaac has acted in a handful of other movies, especially Latin movies.

As of 2022, Isaac Ordinez’s net worth is approximately $40,000 to $80,000. There is not much information on his assets and properties as he is only 13 years old and his parents are keeping this information private from everyone.

When accurate information about Isaac’s net worth is revealed then we will surely update it.


  • Isaac is younger than his siblings.
  • He started acting when he was just five years old.
  • Isaac’s first-ever movie was “A Wrinkle in Time”.
  • Ordonez has a pet dog named Lela.
  • Issac played Pugsley Addams in the series Wednesday.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Isaac Ordonez:

Q: Is Isaac Ordonez active on Twitter?

A: No, Isaac is only active on Instagram and not on any other social media platforms.

Q: What is Isaac Ordonez’s net worth?

A: Isaac Ordonez’s net worth as of 2022 is approximately $40,000 which he mainly earns from his movies and acting.


Image Credit – @IsaacOrdonezInstagram

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