Jimmy Humilde Wiki: Net Worth, Scandal, Wife, Height and Full Bio

Jimmy Humilde is a very popular music producer, song composer, and songwriter who is also the owner of a Mexican Regional Record label Rancho Humilde records.

Jimmy Humilde

Apart from being a musician, Humilde is also an equally famous YouTuber and content creator who has made his name at first around Mexico and then in the USA and other parts of the world.

He has collaborated with some of the biggest YouTubers and musicians in the world such as Eslaban Armado and others.

If you are also a fan of Jimmy Humilde and like his music then you have come to the right place.

Along with his record label Rancho records, Humilde has revolutionized Mexican music and made it popular across the USA.

Here you will get to know all the information about Jimmy Humilde and how he became one of Mexico’s best musicians.

So let’s get started.

Jimmy Humilde Wiki

Name Jimmy Humilde
Real Name Jimmy Humilde
Date of Birth July 21st 1980
Place of Birth Venice, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Music Composer
Channels Rancho Humilde
Total Subscribers 7.9 million
Height 5 ft 9 inches
Weight 72 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Net Worth $600k
Profiles YouTube, Instagram

Early Life

Where was Jimmy Humilde born?

Jimmy Humilde was born in Venice, California, USA. Humilde is of Mexican heritage as his parents were from Mexico but they moved to the USA immediately after their marriage.

When Jimmy was young he stayed in Venice and from a very early age was very interested in music.

There is not much information on Jimmy’s education and where he went to school for his primary education. Humilde has also kept his parent’s identity private and has not shared what they do for a living.

There is also no information on if Jimmy is a single child or if he has any siblings which information is also private.

Jimmy also has not shared any information in terms of his education but he seems like a very educated man.

When growing up, Jimmy was fully immersed in Mexican and Latino pop music along with American Hip Hop.

We can see in his career later that he took inspiration from this music to create his own brand of Latino hip-hop and became one of the best Mexican composers.

Before becoming a successful musician Humilde has been making YouTube videos and even started his own YouTube channel when he was in his teenage days.

Now, let’s take a look at  Jimmy Humilde’s career:


Jimmy Humilde


Before starting his music-producer career Jimmy Humilde actually wanted to be a singer and musician himself. Humilde grew up under the influence of Mexican and Latino Hip-hop along with Old American Hip-Hop as well.

Jimmy was initially impressed by Russell Simmons’s music so he started composing music from a very early age. Realizing his talent rises much on producing music rather than making one he established his own music record named Rancho Humilde music records.

Jimmy founded the music label in 2015 with the view of promoting new and upcoming artists in Mexico. Despite the initial struggle, Jimmy and his label managed to launch many amazing young artists.

To launch his music across the USA and distribute his license he signed a contract with Clinq Music which turned out to be a blessing. Rancho label launched several popular new artists such as Natanael Cano, Fuergina Regina, and Legado 7.

Due to his amazing distribution of Mexican artists in the USA, they became a mainstream superstar. This paved the way for Jimmy and his record label to launch more artists in Mexico and USA as well.

Some of the popular music produced by Jimmy Humilde are

  • Desde Abajo
  • Es Regular
  • El Bighead
  • Carencia De La Infancia

Due to his contribution to music Jimmy has been nominated for quite a few awards mostly the Best Music Award and Best Music Video Awards however he has never won it.

Furthermore, his record label Rancho label has also been nominated for best music label but has not won anything.


Along with being a music label owner and producer Jimmy Humilde is also a very popular YouTuber who has constantly shared his music and podcast on his channel.

Let’s take a look at some of the most viewed videos along with total views on the Rancho Humilde YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel shares various songs, podcasts, and interviews of the singers such as Nataneal Cano, Justin Morales, and Fuerza Regida.

Currently, the Rancho Humilde channel has over 7 million subscribers.


Legado 7

Jimmy Humilde built a very popular musical record Rancho Humilde records. Humilde has been the catalyst for many musical artists getting the name and fame of Rancho records.

One of the biggest names to come out of Rancho records was Legado 7 music group. The controversy was raised when the Legado group signed a five-year contract with Rancho records in April 2019.

However, just two years later in 2021 December, Legado announced that they were living in Rancho and going solo. Furthermore, they never clarified that the adjustment was mutual and there was no dispute with Rancho records.

Many rumors began to circulate that Jimmy and Rancho records were suing Legado and taking them to court for a settlement. A rumor began to grow even more when podcasters started to speculate what will happen in the lawsuit.

However, the rumor was just it was which created unnecessary controversy and the two record labels went separate ways peacefully.

Other than this slightly missed speculation Jimmy is quite a popular figure in Latino music and has never been involved in other petty feuds and fights.


Who is Jimmy Humilde dating? 

Jimmy is a very private person when it comes to his personal or love life. Humilde has kept the identity of his parents secretive and has done the same about the person he has dated or is in a relationship with.

Many people believe that Jimmy Humilde is still single and is not dating anyone to date. This is simply because Humilde has remained quiet about his private life and has not revealed the name of the woman he is dating.

Jimmy Humilde also does not have any children to date. Either he has not become a father yet or he is simply keeping the identity of his children private.

After extensive research, we can conclude that Jimmy is not interested in family and being a father right now and is instead focused on his career at this moment in his life.

When any relevant information about Jimmy’s love life becomes available then we will surely update it.


What is Jimmy Humilde’s height & weight?

Jimmy Humilde stands at the height of 5 ft 9 inches and weighs about 72 kg. There is no information on his body measurement and what shoe size Humilde prefers to wear.

Jimmy’s hair color is black along with his eye color and his zodiac sign is Cancer which makes him even more determined to be successful.

They often sacrifice their love and health for financial gains which correlates with the life of Jimmy Humilde.

In terms of nationality, Jimmy Humilde is American whereas his ethnicity is mixed Mexican-American. Ever since he was young Jimmy has been following Christianity as his religion however he has not given his religious views to date.

Jimmy Humilde’s hobbies mostly include making music and collaborating with new artists.

Despite not publicly announcing what his hobbies are after doing some research on his social media we think he is fond of photography and traveling to various locations for vacations.

Net Worth

What is Jimmy Humilde’s net worth? 

Jimmy Humilde is a very successful YouTuber and music composer. Humilde is also the owner of very popular Rancho Humilde music records in the USA which has contributed to Latino and Mexican music taking inspiration from Old American hip-hop music.

Jimmy Humilde

Apart from his music Jimmy Humilde has made quite an earnings from his YouTube videos and podcasts. Jimmy has two YouTube accounts one personal and one related to Rancho Humilde which has over 7 million subscribers.

Another major source of income for Jimmy is his merchandise line mainly Humilde hats and Rancho Humilde clothing.

Jimmy is quite the collector of cars and shoes and he has even posted a YouTube video showcasing his collection of sneakers which are worth almost a million.

Humilde also has announced he is selling some of his vintage and antics cars for a reasonable amount.

As of 2022, Jimmy Humilde’s net worth is approximately $600k.


  • Jimmy Humilde’s musical inspiration was Russel Simmons.
  • Humilde once has a friendly street hop with rapper and DJ Tee Jay.
  • Humilde has over $1 million worth of sneaker collection.
  • Jimmy Humilde and Legado 7 members had a dispute before going their separate ways.
  • Jimmy has his own podcast named Desde Abajo which is quite popular in Mexico and South America.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about X:

Q: When did Jimmy launch on Rancho Humilde music label

A: Jimmy launched the Rancho Humilde’s music label in 2015 after getting inspired by Russell Simmons.

Q: What is Jimmy Humilde’s net worth?

A: Jimmy Humilde’s net worth as of 2022 is approximately $600k. Humilde mainly earns his earnings from his record label, songs, podcast, YouTube, and merchandise.

Q: What is the height and weight of Jimmy Humilde

A: Jimmy Humilde has a height of  5 ft 9 inches and weighs about 72 kg.


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