Karen Sue Trent: Net Worth, Age, Career, Husband and Trivia

Karen Sue Trent


Karen Sue Trent is a very popular child actress who became quite popular during the 1950s. She had quite a short acting career; however, she still managed to impress several people in the movie industry and fans worldwide.

Karen became popular for successful movies such as Garden of Eden, Leave it to Beaver, and Shirley Temple’s Storybook. In these movies, she appeared as a child artist but could not continue her acting career.


Date of birth
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 Early Life

Karen Sue Trent was born on March 14, 1948, and died on February 20, 22, which means she died at 75. She was born in Virginia, USA. Little information about her early life and how she spent her childhood has been revealed to date

She has also not revealed which college she attended for her studies, but she was indeed educated.


  • Karen Sue Trent started her career as an actress in the movie Garden of Eden, where she played the role of Joan Latimore. At the time, she was only six but impressed her audience even more.
  • She impressed the directors, so she got offers for plenty of other movies. After her first debut, she appeared in a short movie titled Wagon Train a year later.
  • In 1960, Karen Sue Trent starred in her most famous movie to date,, titled “Leave it to Beaver.” In the movie, she played the iconic role of Penny Woods, which became famous in the USA and other countries.
  • However, after just three movies, she left the movie industry and never appeared in other movies and TV shows.
  • At first, the cause for her to leave the movie industry was never revealed, but later it was found out that she nearly drowned in the quicksand during the filming of one movie. She suffered severe injuries and was also scared since she was quite young girl.

Height and Weight

There is little information about her current height and weight as she was only a little girl when she was famous. Hence there is no information on her body measurements; however, she did like to wear retro attire.

Regarding her zodiac sign, Karen is Pisces, which explains her very artistic and incredibly sociable personality.

Net Worth

Karen Sue Trent has an estimated net worth of approximately $100,000. She has earned mainly from her limited movies, but they are very popular even to this day.

There is not much information on her other source of income which does not mean she has other ventures, but she has kept it quiet private, and secretive.


Like her other information, Karen Sue Trent has kept her relationship and dating private. She might be married or still single, but she has not revealed it, so we can assume she is still single and does not have children.


  • Karen Sue Trent left the movie industry for just three movies.
  • Trent passed away in February 2022 when she was just 75 years old.
  • Karen has not revealed if she is married or not.
  • Karen Sue Trent and Silvana Prince are very popular actresses.

Image Credit: Instagram

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