Laura Ingle Husband Kenny Kramme: Net Worth, Age and Full Bio

Laura Ingle husband Kenny Kramme is a famous American drummer, sound technician, and television correspondent. He has been popular for being the husband of Laura Ingle. The name of Laura Ingle husband is Kenny Kramme.

Laura Ingle husband Kenny Kramme

He has however not gained much popularity on his social media.

Laura Ingle’s husband has an incredible fan following that loves his personality and work ethic, so if you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

This article will cover Laura Ingle’s husband’s net worth, measurements, relationship status, career, trivia, and many more.

So, let us get started.


Who is Laura Ingle husband Kenny Kramme? 

In terms of relationships, Kenny Kramme is currently married. He has been married to Laura Ingle since 2009. The couple first met in 2008. They clicked immediately and eventually fell in love.

Laura Ingle Husband Kenny Kramme family

They dated for a year and then Kenny proposed to Laura under the Eiffel Tower for marriage.

The proposal stunned Ingle and she could not refuse such a sweet proposal, so they got married on September 12, 2009, in Paris, France.

The couple gave birth to their son on Feb 1. 2013. The name of their son is Marshall Kramme.

Early Life

Where was Laura Ingle husband Kenny Kramme born?

We do not know the born date of Laura Ingle’s husband. Many sources have claimed that his age is more than 40 years.

However, he was born and raised in Baldwin, Long Island, New York.

Kenny has not revealed anything about his family members. He is a private person who does not like to disclose his personal life to the media.

Kramme started playing drums at the age of 15. He was inspired to play drums by local artists.

Regarding education qualifications, Laura Ingle’s husband has not revealed anything. We have no information about the high school, college, or university that Kenny attended, his skills, and his qualifications.

Now, let’s look at Laura Ingle’s husband’s career:



Kenny Kramme is a musician. He started playing drums when he was 15 and later played for several local bands. He spent 10 years in Long Island where he played in various bands.

He moved to New York to get more opportunities because he was skeptical about getting opportunities in his hometown.

After moving to New York, he opened a shop in popular musical areas and started playing with local musicians to improve his drumming skills.

He earned his breakthrough in music after he joined The Fourth Floor’s music band. He then went on to perform for Alice Cooper,

The Scorpions, and Kiss on their Tours. Kenny is also popular for his drumming with The Joe Bonamassa Band.

He worked together with guitarist Joe Bonamassa and bassist Eric Czar and created albums like So; It’s Like That.

His other popular works are:

  • Underdog to Wonderdog
  • Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley
  • Kidnapped: Ransom Notes


Laura Ingle’s husband is a very popular American drummer, sound technician, and television correspondent and is more than 40 years old. Despite his career path, Kramme has never been involved in any controversy.

Some many drummers and musicians were humble in the beginning, however, after they became famous went a different way and completely ruined their life.

But Kenny is not one of them. He has never been to any controversy; instead, he has been doubling his fan base ever since.

Like other celebrities, Kramme has been targeted by trolls, memes, and roasts, however, he has never lashed out at anybody.

Who is Laura Ingle?

Laura Ingle is a famous American Fox news correspondent. She joined Fox network in 2005 in Dallas but later moved to New York and has been working in the branch since.

Before joining Fox channel, Ingle was an anchor and reporter for the KFBK news. She was also an employee of the radio channel KFI AM 640. Regarding her education qualification, Laura earned her graduation from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Laura Ingle has been confused with Laura Ingraham most of the time. These both personalities work for Fox channel.

Laura Ingle has even kept her Twitter name as Laura Ingle NOT Ingraham to avoid confusion.


What is Laura Ingle husband’s height & weight?

Laura Ingle husband is currently more than 40 years old, but his birth date is unknown. His height is 1.74 m or 5 feet 7 inches.

Similarly, his weight is 66 kg or 146 lbs. Laura Ingle, a husband is chubby and has a very handsome face.

Kenny has blonde hair, whereas his eye color is brown. Furthermore, his zodiac sign is unknown, and he belongs to the white ethnic group. Moreover, Kramme follows Christianity as his religion.

In terms of hobbies and interests, we do know that Laura Ingle’s husband liked playing drums since his younger days. But currently, Kenny’s hobbies are making and listening to music.

Social Media

Laura Ingle’s husband Kenny is not so popular on social media.

He has social media like Twitter and Instagram, but he is not so active on those platforms.

Net Worth

What is Laura Ingle husband’s net worth? 

Laura Ingle’s husband Kenny Kramme is one of the famous Drummers, sound technicians, and television correspondents. in the United States and the world. He has a massive audience for his music from which he earns tons of money.

Kenny Kramer wife Laura Ingle

There is no information on how much he has been making from being a sound technician, however, we can guess from his riches and properties that he has made decent money.

Apart from being a sound technician, Laura Ingle’s husband has other sources of income. He has earned some income through music and drumming.

As of 2022, Laura Ingle’s husband’s net worth is approximately $5 million to $7 million.


  • Laura Ingle’s husband does not have any controversies as of what we know
  • Kenny has auditioned for the spot in Joe Bonamassa’s band. He was selected after he sent the recording of his music.
  • Kramme is currently married to Laura and has a son named Jackson Marshall Kramme.
  • Kenny has also been part of many Television series and documentaries as a sound technician


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Laura Ingle’s husband:

Q: Who has Laura Ingle husband dated?

A: Laura Ingle’s husband Kenny Kramme is currently married to Laura Ingle. He had been married to Laura since 2009. They have a son named Jackson Marshall Kramme. from their relationship.

Q: Is Laura Ingle’s husband Mixed?

A:  Laura Ingle’s husband has not revealed it himself. However, due to his white skin tone and his place of birth, most of his fans and sources concluded that he is mixed and belongs to a white ethnic group.

Q: What is Laura Ingle’s husband Kenny Kramme’s net worth?

A: Laura Ingle’s husband has a net worth of approximately $5 million to $7 million, mostly from his music career.



Image Credit – @LauraIngelInstagram

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