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Mark Wiens is a renowned American YouTuber known for his captivating food and travel videos. Born on February 14, 1986, in Phoenix, Arizona, he grew up in a family of Christian missionaries, allowing him to experience various cultures and cuisines from a young age.

With his passion for exploring different foods, Mark Wiens has become a prominent figure in the world of YouTube.


Date of birth February 14, 1986
Birthplace Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Birth Sign Pisces
Age 36 years old

 Mark Wiens Early Life and Education

Mark Wiens spent his early years living in France, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nairobi, Kenya, where his family relocated in 1996. He attended Rosslyn Academy, an international Christian school in Nairobi, from 5th grade until his high school graduation in 2008.

During this time, his curiosity for food continued to grow as he had the chance to taste dishes from diverse culinary traditions.

After completing high school, Mark Wiens briefly attended Glendale Community College in the United States after completing high school before transferring to Arizona State University. In 2008, he graduated from Arizona State with a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies.

His educational background gave him a solid foundation for understanding different cultures and societies, which later influenced his content creation.

Mark Wiens Career and YouTube

Mark Wiens embarked on a transformative journey after completing his studies. In 2008, he set off on a solo trip to South America with a thirst for adventure and a desire to explore the local cuisines.

Along the way, he obtained a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate and taught English in the mountains of Patagonia.

Upon returning to the United States for his sister’s wedding in early 2009, Mark Wiens felt inspired to share his experiences and love for food with others.

Motivated by his passion, he started a blog called, quickly gaining attention from food enthusiasts and travel lovers. Migrationology became a platform where people could indulge in the flavors of different cultures, discover new dishes, and expand their culinary horizons.

In addition to his blog, Mark Wiens ventured into the world of YouTube, creating captivating videos that showcased his culinary adventures around the globe. His YouTube channel Migrationology skyrocketed in popularity, attracting millions of viewers with each upload. Mark’s energetic and engaging style and genuine love for food resonated with worldwide audiences.

Mark Wiens Personal Life and Family

Mark Wiens met his wife, Ying, while teaching English in Thailand. Their shared passion for travel and food strengthened their bond, and they embarked on numerous culinary expeditions together.

In 2016, they welcomed their son into the world, adding another dimension of joy to their adventurous lives.

Mark Wiens Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Mark Wiens stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and maintains a weight of 62 kg (137 lbs). His body measurements are 40 inches, showcasing a fit and healthy physique.

He has dark shading hair and captivating dark black eyes, adding to his charismatic presence.

Mark Wiens Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Mark Wiens is not disclosed publicly, estimates suggest that his net worth is around $4.83 million. However, this figure is primarily based on YouTube advertising revenue and may not reflect his wealth.

With multiple sources of income, including brand partnerships, sponsored content, and his blog, it is speculated that Mark Wiens’s net worth could be as high as $6.76 million.

Mark Wiens has achieved remarkable success as a YouTuber and food enthusiast. His dedication to exploring diverse cuisines, promoting cultural understanding, and inspiring others to embrace their passion has been earned.

Mark Wiens Trivia

  • Mark Wiens has a wife and a son.
  • He was born in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Wiens’s ancestors were from Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Mark Wiens and Jianhao Tan are both popular YouTubers.

Image Credit – Mark Wiens Instagram

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