Mike Clevinger Wife Wiki: Net Worth, Relationship, Children, and Full Bio


Mike Clevinger is a very popular baseball player who has made a number of records. Due to his popularity, many people want to know who is Mike Clevinger’s girlfriend and what she does for a living.

Mike Clevinger Wife

Clevinger is an extremely talented baseball player who even had the nickname Sunshine as he looked like Roomie Sunshine Beans from the Titan films.

Mike Clevinger Wife’s name is Monika Ceraolo, she is currently also the mother of his children. Mike has credited Monika for her support throughout his life and thanked her for being there when he needed the most.

So if you are also a fan of Mike but do not know much about Monica and what she does for a living and how the couple first met then you have come to the right place to find out all the unknown information in regard to Mike Clevinger’s girlfriend.

Furthermore, we will also update you about her education, career, net worth, and her relationship status with Mike.

So let’s begin.

Mike Clevinger Wife Wiki

Name Monika Ceraolo
Real Name Monika Ceraolo
Age 31 years old
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Father Name Mark Ceraolo
Mother Name Orga Ceraolo
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse Mike Clevinger
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Height 5 ft 5 inches
Net Worth
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube


Who is Monica Ceraolo dating?

Monica first Mike during an advertising campaign around 2012 and at first it was just a casual conversation. However, after a couple of years, the couple fell in love, and around 2014 they started dating with each other.

Mike Clevinger Wife

A year later after dating Mike and Monica got engaged and around 2015 they finally got married however they have not shared much about how and when they got married.

Mike and Monica have two beautiful children first being Penelope grace who was born on 2nd May 2016 which means she is currently six years old.

Monica gave birth to her younger daughter in March 2017 which means she is just five years old  Mike and her husband currently live together along with their two children in Florida, USA.

Mike and Monica are very fascinated by traveling and often spend their holiday visiting different countries mostly new places which they are often sharing on their social media.

Mike and Monica are a very interesting couple who love each other very much. They have not dated other people apart from each other which proves that they got their soulmates on their first love.

When Monica or Mike reveals any other relationship updates then we will surely update you about it.

Early Life

Where was Mike Clevinger wife born?

Mike Clevinger’s Girlfriend Monica Ceraolo was born in the USA however there is not much information on her exact birthplace. Monica was very talented in her studies and for her education, she went to a local school in Florida.

Monica’s father’s name is Mark Ceraolo and her mother’s name is Orga Ceraolo. In terms of siblings, she has a sister who is Jessica Marie who is a kind of social media star and has tons of followers on social media like Instagram and TikTok.

Since Monica was not a prominent celebrity it is understandable at first media and paparazzi did not really focus on her.

When she graduated from her local school she then went to the University of North Florida.

Monica was very talented and focused on commercial management and advertisement so she graduated in business science and also in advertising and public relation course.

At first, Monica was struggling to get a decent job so she even worked as a nanny to earn some money to establish her own media company.

Finally, after some years Monica managed to get in the rhythm and finally got her foothold on the advertising company.


Marketing Personnel

After struggling for quite a bit in her early days to find a decent career Monica finally got an intern job in a very profitable advertising company.

After moving from one company to another, Monica finally began to work at Cabana Life Corporation first as a marketing consultant and then as a marketing coordinator.

When she met Mike she was still working for the media campaign and after a couple of meetings, the couple began dating each other.

Monica decided to quit her job when she gave birth to her child and when Mike started getting famous she decided to manage his tours, media presence, career path, and even his finances.

Currently, Monica has left her actual job and decided to help her husband in his career and also look after their children.

Instagram Star

After getting popular by being Mike’s girlfriend Monica started getting tons of followers on her Instagram account. At first, Monica only shared pictures of her personal stuff and mostly about Mike.

But later when she started getting followers many advertising companies started to approach her for some advertisements.

She started promoting various media campaigns and also started promoting her husband’s matches on her Instagram. When Mike shared a picture of her and also linked her Instagram account, Monica got even more social media followers.

Currently, Monica Ceraolo’s official Instagram account has over 9725 followers. Apart from Monica Ceraolo’s Instagram, she does not have any other social media accounts.


Mike Clevenger Controversy

Monica Ceraolo is not much of a celebrity so she has not been in many controversies.

However her husband Mike Clevinger has been in a controversy when he disrespected his team’s policy and went out without informing his coaches and teammates.

Mike and one of their teammates violated the team rules when they left the hotel to meet with their friends when it was clearly stated it was prohibited.

After the incident, Mike and his teammate were kept on a restricted list and were not available for selection. Mike apologized for lack of discipline and was fined certain amounts after which he was bought back to the team.

There is not much controversy or scandal in the life of Mike and Monica as of yet.


What is Monica Ceraolo’s height & weight?

Mike Clevinger wife Monica stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm and weighs about 56 KG or 123 lbs.

There is not much information on her body measurements of Monica however judging by her size and height she likes to wear 6 US size shoes.

Monica’s eye color is green whereas her hair color is blonde. Her zodiac sign is Cancer which explains her personality to be very selfless, a carer, and a nurturer.

They often sacrifice everything for the care of others. In terms of nationality, Monica is American however her ethnicity is mixed being half American and half Italian.

Ceraolo follows Christianity as her religion however she has not shared much about it on the media and with her fans. Monica is generally very private about her life and most things related to her children.

Hence Monica has generally kept her hobbies really private as she has not shared her preferences. However, judging by her social media she is very much into traveling, vacations, and also photography.

Net Worth

What is Mike Clevinger Wife Monica’s net worth?

Monica Ceraolo is not much of a celebrity in fact she is just a media coordinator and director in some media companies.

Apart from this,  Monica also takes care of the business and career of Mike when he is on tour or during his match days. Ceraolo has not shared much about her earnings and assets as she is not much of a celebrity.

As of 2022, Monica Ceraolo has a net worth is approximately $1 million. Monica basically earns from her work salary and does not have any other sources of income.

However, Monica’s husband Mike Clevinger is a very popular baseball player who has played for Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres, and Cleveland Indians.

As of 2022, Mike Clevinger has a net worth of approximately $7 million. Clevinger’s main source of income is his career as a baseball player.

Mike’s salary per month is approximately $480,000 at the current state but he was earning $200,000 before transferring to the Chicago White Sox.

Mike is very rich as he has a huge mansion in the USA and also drives lots of amazing sports cars. However, Mike has only revealed some of them on his social media as he does not like to boast about his money on the platform.


  • Mike Clevinger wife is Monica Ceraolo.
  • The couple got married in 2015.
  • Monica Ceraolo is only active on Instagram and does not have other social media platforms.
  • Ceraolo worked as an intern for a popular media company.
  • Monica is also a fashion blogger.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about X:

Q: What is the fashion blog of Monica Ceraolo?

A: Monica Ceraolo’s fashion blog name is Lotus Grace which is quite popular in USA as tons of fans have subscribed it.

Q: How many children does Monica Ceraolo have?

A: Monica has two daughters whose names are Penelope Grace and Piper Lotus.


Image Credit: @MonicaCeraoloInstagram

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