Monty Williams: Record, Son, Age, Eulogy, Net Worth and Full Bio

Monty Williams is a very popular basketball player, coach, and athlete. His real name is Tavares Montgomery Williams. Apart from being a very decorated player, Williams has also contributed a lot in the field of basketball by being the head coach of the NBA team Phoenix Suns.

Monty WIlliams

Moreover, Monty has also taken the position of the assistant coach of the USA national team under the coaching of Mike Krzyzewski.

Williams is also the executive head of the NBA management for some time during which he made some effective decisions for the betterment of the sport.

Due to his fantastic contribution to basketball and his amazing stunts in coaching, he was awarded NBA Coach of the year recently.

There are many Monty Williams fans who want to know about the legendary player and coach so if you are one of them you have come to the right place.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Monty Williams Wiki

Name Monti Williams
Real Name Tavares Montgomery Williams
Date of Birth October 8th, 1971
Place of Birth Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed, African – American
Profession Sports Athlete
Channels N/A
Total Subscribers N/A
Height 6 ft 8 inches and 203 cm
Weight 102 kgs or 220 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Zodiac Sign Libra
Net Worth $9 million
Profiles N/A

Early Life

Where was Monti Williams born?

Monti Williams was born on October 8th, 1971 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. Williams is currently 51 years old. Monti was born to his father Tavares Williams and his mother whose name is Joyce Williams.

Regarding his education, there is no information on his primary or high school days however he then went to the University of Notre Dame he was selected for the college basketball team which turned his career for good.

Monti is quite a private person so he has not shared any information in regard to his childhood but after viewing the man he has turned out to be we can say he has a decent childhood with hardships and struggle along the way.

Now, let’s take a look at Monti William’s career:



Monty Williams was attracted to basketball ever since he was a young boy. Since he was over 6 ft 8 inches he was selected by the University of Notre Dame to play as a forward.

Monty Williams

During his first single season, Willimas averaged 22.4  points and over 8 rebounds making him selected for All-American. However, Monty was diagnosed with a heart condition which scared him for his career for a bit. Despite this condition, Willimas became the first drafted player in the 1994 NBA New York Knicks.

Monty Williams playing career was very successful as he played for nine years from 1994 to 2003. He played for New York Knicks for two years till 1996 and then he was traded to San Antonio Spurs along with another player for Charles Smith. He played for the Spurs till 1998 but then moved to Denver Nuggets in 1999.

In  2002, Williams went to the Philadelphia 76ers  when he was selected for free but a year later moved back to Orlando Magic which excited their fans quite a lot. However just after three days, Magic waved the right to play him so he decided to retire after playing for almost a decade and becoming a legend of the game.


Immediately after retiring as a player, Monty Williams did not leave the game and instead decided to become a coach for young and upcoming players to uplift and improve their games. Just after a year, Monty joined San Antonio Spurs as a coaching intern.

However, just after some months, he was offered the role of assistant coach for the Portland Trail Blazers with the head coach of Nate McMillan.

After three year stint as an assistant coach, Willams broke the record of becoming the youngest coach in 2010 when he was selected to be the head coach of the New Orleans Hornets.

New Orleans Hornets were quite the underdog however they reached the playoffs with an impressive record of 46-36.

After renaming the team to New Orleans Pelicans the team offered a four-year contract extension to Monty which he accepted.

However, he had additional responsibilities when Monty decided to become an assistant head coach for the USA national basketball team under the guidance of Jim Boeheim and Tom Thibodeau.

After five years with the Pelicans, they did not offer him a contract extension so he left to become assistant head coach of Oklahoma City Thunder but could not repeat his record of 173–221 in the regular season.

Awards and Accolades

Monty Williams has a very decorated and dedicated career from being the first NBA draft player to becoming NBA Coach of the year in 2022.

Furthermore, Monty was also honored with being selected as a head coach for the NBA All-Stars team which he will cherish for a lifetime.


Racist Comments

Although Monty Williams was not involved in any major scandals however he came in the crossfire when he was a coach of the NBA team Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver was caught using racist words to the forwards of the team. After being asked by the media Williams stated he was disgusted by Robert and would have quit his job if Robert was not suspended by authorities.

After facing suspension Sarver also decided to sell the team and living the NBA industry forever.


Who is Monty Williams married to?

Monty Williams married his longtime girlfriend Ingrid Williams. There is no information on how the couple met but they were madly in love with each other and were living happily it all took one second for Monty to get one of his biggest tragedies to date.

Monty Williams Family

His wife Ingrid suffered a car accident. Despite taking to the hospital she passed away as her injuries were way too severe.

Monty and Ingrid have five children whose names are Micah, Janna, Elijah, Faith, and Lasi. Mr. Williams has proven to be one of the best basketball players, and coaches and now he proved he was a good father as well.

Monty raised his children really well and all of them are living their best life, and getting the best education.

Currently, Monty is married to Lisa Keeth who is not much of a celebrity. There is not much information on how Monty and Lisa met each other but they are living together along with their children.


What is Monty William’s height & weight?

Monty Williams currently stands at the height of 6 ft 8 inches and 203 cm and weighs about 102 kgs or 220 lbs. Williams’s body measurement is 39-31-33 inches and he likes to wear shoe size 12 US.

Monty Williams’ hair color is black and his eyes color is also black in color. William’s zodiac sign is Libra which explains his personality to be an athlete, leader, and very hard worker.

In terms of nationality, Monty Williams is American and he belongs to a mixed African- American ethnicity. Monty follows Christianity as his religion.

Monty himself has not shared about his hobbies however he is extremely passionate about sports and mostly basketball. Other than his career Monty likes to spend time with his family and also likes to travel and take photographs.

Williams is quite a busy person which is why is not much active on social media.

 Net Worth

What is Monty William’s net worth? 

Monty William is a very popular basketball coach, player, and even head executive of the NBA. Willaims have made quite an earnings in his career primarily as a player for various NBA teams and then later as a coach for the very successful Phoenix Suns in which he has even won Manager of the Year.

Monty Williams

Apparently, Monty Williams earns an annual salary of over $2.5 million per year. There is not much information in regard to the earning potential of each of Monty’s careers.

Monty has not revealed his properties and assets around the USA however there is no doubt that he has earned a fortune from his hard work and is deserved of every penny.

As of 2022, Monty Williams’s net worth is approximately $9 million.


  • Monty Williams was selected as the head coach for the NBA All-Stars team.
  • Willams’s wife Ingrid Willams died in a fatal car crash after failing to control the car to save the pedestrian.
  • Monty Williams is not active on any social media platform.
  • Williams has lost record more than his winning record.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Monty Williams:

Q: When did Monty Willams become Phoenix Suns’ coach?

A: Monty Willaims became the head coach of Phoenix Suns in 2019 and even became the manager of the year.

Q: How many children does Monty Williams have?

A: Monty Williams has five children whose names are Micah, Janna, Elijah, Faith, and Lasi.

Q: How much is Monty Williams’s annual salary?

A: Monty Williams’s annual salary according to celebrity net worth is approximately $2.7 million.

Q: What comment did Monty Williams make of a racist owner?

A: After revealing that Robbie Sarver used N-word Monty Williams claimed he was disgusted and would even leave the team if Sarver did not sell it.


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