Niurka Marcos: Net Worth, Age, Controversy, Husband and Full Bio

Niurka Marcos is a very popular actor, singer, dancer, producer, and model who became popular from various shows including Velo De Novia.

Niurka Marcos

Apart from various shows and movies Marcos mainly made her name with Bigg Boss Mexico and after that, she gained tons of amazing fans.

Niurka played in various TV shows, movies, and gameshow but finally made a big break from the comedy series Alma De Angel.

Marcos is not only a popular actress but she is also a renowned dancer, model, TV host, judge, and entrepreneur who is an icon in Latin and South American countries.

So if you are also a fan of Niurka Marcos then you might want to know about her life, her career projects, and how she became so popular all around the world.

Hence let’s begin without any delay.

Niurka Marcos Wiki ✅

Name Niurka Marcos
Real Name Niurka Marcos
Date of Birth 25th November 1967
Place of Birth Havana, Cuba
Nationality Cuban
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Actress
Channels Niurka Marcos Oficial
Total Subscribers 19.4k subscribers
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 54 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Net Worth $8 Million
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Early Life

Where was Niurka Marcos born?

Niurka Marcos was born on 25th November 1967 which means she is currently 55 years old. Marcos’ birthplace is Cuba Havana but when she was a teenager she often used to travel to Mexico and the Caribbean areas quite a lot.

Niurka’s mother’s name is Salustiana Calle or Celestiana Calle she was a housewife and her father’s name was Carmelo Marcos who was a navy major in Cuba.

In terms of siblings, Niurka has five siblings in which she had three sisters and two brothers. Their names were Maribel, Maria, Martha, Thomas, and Ernesto.

There is not much information regarding their childhood of Niurka however she started her acting career quite early on which signifies she always had an interest to become an actress.

Even before becoming a massive acting figure, she was already begun to gain momentum in Cuba due to her attractive looks and amazing figure.

Soon after she started to get offers for her first acting project signaling the beginning of an amazing career.

Now, let’s take a look at  Niurka Marcos’s career:



Niurka Marcos started her career as a TV show actress when she first appeared in the show Velo De Novia. The show was produced by her boyfriend Juan Osario who is also an excellent actor in his regard.

Niurka Marcos

The same year she got a recurring role in the movie Gotita De Amor the role of Costanza. She was starting to make moves in the acting industry and was getting tons of roles in lots of Mexican and Venezuelan movies.

In the same year, Marcos got another recurring role in the show Tres Mujeres where she played the role of Yamile Nunez.

Niurka was very busy with her several projects so she did not get any new movies or roles in 2000 and instead focused on her movies at hand.

Marcos then decided to act as the supporting actress for some of the movie movies and TV shows such as Salome and Velo de Novia. These two projects were some of the biggest projects in her career especially when she played Karicia in Salome in which she even won one of the prestigious awards.

In the show, she played the role of an exotic dancer which fans adored as she was starting to get the spotlight on her beauty and her acting.

Niurka decided to join Big Brother Mexico for three months which proved to be one of the best decisions in her career. Since she was somewhat of a new artist and has only made a handful of appearances as the supporting actress.

After the conclusion of Big Boss Niurka immediately started getting offers for many movies and TV shows which included Corazones Al Limite where she played the role of Dulce Maria.

Marcos also got the supporting actress role in another popular show La Fea Mas Bella where she played the role of Paula Maria Conde. Niurka then started a stint of hosting and cohosting several shows as herself as she returned to the TV show in 2011 with Emiperatriz.

Marcos started to focus more on hosting so her acting projects started to decline when she only did one show La Mujer de Judas. Marcos’s biggest main role project came in 2019 when she was the lead actress in Alma De Angel as she played the protagonist Alma Marcela Angel.

TV Host

Niurka Marcos was starting to get a buzz about herself after the success of Bigg Boss Mexico as she got her first hosting role as a co-host in Escandalo TV De Noche.

After a long break from hosting, Niurka returned to TV hosting in 2008 with Espectacularmente Niurka and El Show de Niurka. She even participated in the gameshow Mira Quien Baila and returned to hosting in 2011 with Ella es Niurka.

In 2010, Niurka Marcos was selected as the judge for a talent show Soy tu double which made her very happy. Although the show did not do so well, she enjoyed the experience quite a lot.


Niurka Marcos started her career as an actress and exotic dancer in various TV shows. This prompted another career path in modeling and she even became the face of the very popular Playboy Magazine.

Marcos also started posing topless in various other exotic magazines and was selected as a sex symbol in Mexico and other parts of the USA

Niurka’s latest project was a modeling show in 2022 which was titled La Casa De Los Famosos 2 in which she was a participant.



Niurka Marcos faced a major controversy when audio was leaked where she was calling out her adult children’s “Parasites”.

In the leaked audio Niurka expressed disappointment with her children and claimed that they were only after her money and were ungrateful for what she had done for them over the years.

After the leaked audio got into the hand of the media, Marcos quickly made her statement claiming she knows who has leaked the audio and that her relationship with her children is still solid.

She claimed the person responsible for the leaked audio wanted to damage her reputation and her relationship with the children but did not get successful.


Who is Niurka Marcos dating?

Niurka Marcos is very pretty and has been involved in various high-profile relationships. In this present situation, Niurka might be single but she has already been through three divorces.

Niurka Marcos Daughter

Niurka first married producer Juan Osario in 2001 and stayed married for two years but eventually got divorced. With Juan, she has three children whose names are Kiko, Emilio, and Romina.

After divorcing Juan she fell in love with actor Bobby Larios however with him as well her marriage did not last long. After three years of marriage, they decided to part ways and divorced in 2006.

Just after a year of her second divorce, Marcos married a director, Yanixan Texidor. Niurka and Texidor were very happy in their relationship however their relationship also only lasted just four years before divorcing each other.

Niurka only has three children from Juan and never had children with Bobby or Texidor. Marcos also has suffered an estranged relationship with her children.


What is Niurka Marcos’s height & weight?

Niurka Marcos has a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 164 cm and weighs around 54 kg or 119 lbs. Marcos has a body measurement of 36-25-37 inches and she likes to wear a shoe size of 7 US.

During her younger years, Niurka was quite beautiful and had an exotic body so she was often featured topless and in playboy magazines.

Marcos has blonde color hair and she has adorable blue color eyes. Niurka’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius which explains her personality to be very independent, exciting, and wild.

In terms of nationality, Marcus is Cuban and she belongs to mixed ethnicity. Niurka follows Christianity as her religion however she has never revealed if she believes in religion very seriously.

Net Worth

What is Niurka Marcos’s net worth?

Niurka Marcos is a very popular actress, dancer, model, singer, and entrepreneur who has made quite an earnings from her various ventures through the years.

Ever since her teenage days, Niurka was never out of a job as she was always hired for either singing, dancing, or acting projects.

There is not much information on how much she made from her projects however there is a rumor that she was among the most-paid actress and models in the world.

Niurka Marcos

After becoming the sexiest woman on Earth, Niurka’s price rose even more and she started to charge double her usual price.

As of 2022, Niurka Marcos has a net worth of approximately $8 million.


  • Niurka Marcos has released four songs album in her career.
  • Marcos was accused of calling her children a living parasites.
  • Niurka’s father was a Cuban Navy soldier.
  • Marcos was selected as a model for Playboy magazine when she was in her teenage years.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Niurka Marcos:

Q: Where was Niurka Marcos born?

A: Niurka Marcos was born in Havana, Cuba but often traveled to Mexico.

Q: What are the other names of Niurka Marcos?

A: Niurka Marcos was often called by various other names such as La Mujer Escandalo, La Emperadora, and La Cubana de Fuego.


Image Credit – @NiurkaMarcosInstagram 

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