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Oliver Sykes Quotes

Oliver Sykes is a British singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur who is best known as the frontman for the rock band Bring Me The Horizon. In this post, we have curated the best Oliver Sykes Quotes and Saying:

  1. It’s quite an easy way to write a concept album about love. Everything boils down to love in the end.
  2. Most of my favorite artists are women.
  3. I must have been about 13 when I first heard Linkin Park and, to be honest, music had never played that much of a part in my life to that point.
  4. Emotion is a full range of a spectrum, like colors. It’s not just anger. How are you going to get that out with just a guitar and screaming? You need to explore everything else.
  5. We need to be our own heroes. We need a new way of looking at things. Greta Thunberg has shown us that. It’s crazy, but this kid has proven that we can be our own leaders.
  6. You have to ration your creativity over all your songs. You write a really cool pop song then you have to write a heavy song to balance out, then you need to think about singles.
  7. We try so hard to block out negative or dark thoughts, but sometimes embracing your demons is the most vitalizing thing you can do.
  8. Happy Song’ is a sarcastic open letter to the world about how we use superficial and trivial things to ignore the real problems.
  9. When I was 17, death metal and extreme hardcore was the best music in the world to me. But as I got older, my palette changed and my thirst for melody and emotion just got bigger and bigger.
  10. Rock’s gone soft, it’s gone miserable and boring, there’s not really much exciting about it. So it’s important that we cross over, because we feel like we belong more in a place where people just like music and it’s not about how heavy it is.
  11. You can compromise on anything else in your life but love. It’s the one time where under no circumstances should you let yourself have second rate.
  12. Artists can be the most powerful people in the world because they can use their voice for good. Politicians should be the most powerful people in the world but they aren’t going to do anything.
  13. You just want so badly to be the best version of what people are saying, you want to look like the covers you’re on, but it’s hard to do that everyday.
  14. Arctic Monkeys are actually one of my favourite bands going, which is really weird cos I went to school and college with them.
  15. We can get rid of all the plastic bags and plastic straws in the world – and we need to – but nothing is going to get better until we can make the people at the top see that there are changes to be made.
  16. I’m not a politically-charged person. I don’t want to be. I don’t want to talk about politics and I don’t want to sing about politics, but if you’re talking about environmental issues then you can’t talk about one without the other.
  17. I found myself reading about this 16-year-old kid inventing a micro-organism to save the ocean. It made me realise that we can do anything if we put our minds to it. Even with all the damage and destruction, things can heal if we let them.
  18. The guitar shouldn’t be a main instrument, it should be a texture. It shouldn’t be important whether it’s there or not. If it’s important to you whether a guitar is there or not, you’re weird.
  19. I’ve been a vegan and a vegetarian for 15 years and I’ve always just quietly kept and values and my beliefs to myself. I didn’t want to preach or be outspoken about all these things.
  20. When you’re in a marriage, you can’t leave just because you’re arguing all the time. But it does stuff to you that you don’t realize at first. It damages you, and you start thinking the worst of people.
  21. Your favourite songs by your favourite bands are never the singles. It’s when they’ve done exactly what they wanted without any compromise and not worried about the reaction.
  22. I like how our records go from super poppy to heavy then electronic, and next I’d like to make a bunch of records where each of them has a distinct vibe to it.
  23. You could have the thickest skin but Instagram and Twitter still affect you. It makes you envious, even if you’ve got everything you could ever want.
  24. I just love to sit and go, ‘Let’s just write a song and not worry about how it needs to be’.
  25. The key to me recovering from drug addiction was figuring out why I was so upset and why I hated myself so much. I realised it was all to do with the way I was viewed by other people.
  26. Some people lose a whole world to grief sometimes, while others just don’t grieve. Sometimes we’re just too scared to face our emotions.
  27. What puts people off metal is they think it’s all nutters and blood. We don’t want to be seen that way.
  28. But I can’t stress enough how much talking helps. I was so reluctant at first; I didn’t think it would help. But even if there’s no answer to your troubles, they will seem so much smaller once they leave your head.
  29. When it comes to the grieving process, we all try to ignore that feeling – but it’s important to grieve. Even if something’s happened for the best, you need to take that moment to feel something.
  30. Everything I’d taught myself about screaming is basically a big no-no for singing. Your posture, your airflow – you’re just pushing all the air out. When you start out, you’re fast, heavy and loud but you’re hiding behind it in a way. When you stop screaming, that’s when it gets hard.
  31. I was trying to prove people wrong who said I wasn’t a good guy, and I was trying to be the person that other people thought I was – people who loved our band thought I was a god.
  32. I think EDM and metal and rock have been together already for a long time. Bands like Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, the Prodigy – they all have influences from both.
  33. Once you’ve been painted as something it’s very hard, especially when you’re young, to wash that off.
  34. We tour the world and my carbon footprint is massive. I feel like it’s my responsibility to do something – not just to offset it but to help make a difference.
  35. To be honest, I don’t really like arenas. It’s not easy to make the sound good, or to perform in them.
  36. With rock and metal, I think a lot of people connect with the lyrics because they feel like they don’t fit in.

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