Which is The Best BTS Song Of All Time? [Vote Now]

We all can agree to this – BTS is the most popular musical group in the world right now. There are many reason why BTS has become a worldwide phenomenon but the main reason is their catchy music along with the perfectly filmed music videos.

They have experimented a lot with their music since their debut in July, 2013 and with the release of every new music, the Bangtan Boys have always managed to win the hearts of even more fans.

There are a lot of articles on the web that tries to rank the Best BTS fans but admit it, not everyone agrees to the list.

So, today we let the BTS fans decide which is the “Best BTS song of All Time“.

Vote now and choose the Best BTS song of All Time.

  • Which is The Best BTS Song of All Time? [Vote Now]

    Which is the best bts song of all time
    • Dynamite
    • Blood Sweat & Tears
      Blood Sweat & Tears
    • No More Dreams
      No More Dreams
    • Boy With Luv
      Boy With Luv
    • Dope
    • IDOL
    • Butterfly
    • Fire

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  1. Dynamite is the perfect song I’ve ever heard. Actually, this is the BTS song that I listened to for the first time. I love this song so much.

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