Top 10 Tyler Joseph’s Tattoos & It’s Real Meaning [Finally Decoded]

Tyler Joseph, the lead singer of an American musical duo, is not only known for his unique musical style but also for his striking appearance.

One of the most notable features of Joseph’s appearance is his collection of symbolic tattoos, which he had been adding to over the years.

For the Twenty-One Pilots fans, deciphering the meaning behind Tyler’s tattoos has been an ongoing obsession. While fans have been successful to decipher the meaning of some of his tattoos, many of them are still a mystery.

Have you ever seen Tyler’s tattoos with weird symbols, words, and shapes all over his body and thought they looked cool but couldn’t figure out what they meant?

Well, Don’t worry…

In this article, Our team at Wikiposit is going to analyze all of Tyler’s tattoos one by one and find their true meanings.

So, let’s get started:

#1 Rectangular Shapes on his Chest

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

On the left part of the chest, Tyler Joseph has four empty rectangle-shaped tattoos. and the rectangles together create a cross in the middle.

The four rectangle creates a window that represents the light that he experiences through the god which is symbolized by the hidden cross.

On the right side of his chest, Tyler has a rectangle-shaped tattoo with an X on it. If you look closely, the X makes an hourglass which represents ‘Life is Short’.

#2 Unique Symbols on his Forearm

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

The symbolic tattoos on his right hand’s forearm are divided into four parts:  •|i|•Øi+!]•[.

The first part •|i|• means “I will tell you what I can”. And the second part Ø means “but your mind will take a stand” and the third part i+! means “I sing for a higher love” and the last part ]•[ means “Let me know when you have had enough”.

#3 Roman Shapes on his Right Bicep

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

The roman numerals on Tyler’s biceps can be translated to 43:16:33 which has a special meaning. If this theory is right, then it can be a verse from the bible (John 16:33) which reads “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

#4 Unique Patterns of Shapes on his Arm

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

The Unique patterns of shapes inked on Tyler’s Arm have hidden letters in them. If you draw letters around it, you will get the Latin phrase “Carpe Noctem” which means ‘”Seize The Night”.

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

Tyler Joseph has referenced his struggle with sleepless nights in some of his songs and with this tattoo he is referencing that he wants to seize the night and take control of his life.

#5 Tattoo on his left arm

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

On this left arm, there is a tattoo which appears to be 2 bold “i”s but there is a hidden cross on the blank spaces if you look closely.

The tattoo represents his faith.

#6 Tyler Joseph’s Leg Tattoo

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

Tyler Joseph has a tattoo on his leg that reads “Josh” which is the name of his bandmate. The duo has encraved each other’s name on their body during a show to share the love and respect they have for each other.

#7 CX Tattoo

Tyler Joseph's CX tatoo

This is one of the matching tattoos both Tyler and Josh Dun has inked in their body. The tattoo is a dedication to their hometown fans in Columbia, Ohio from where the band originated. The duo inked the CX tattoo on each other’s body during a live show.

#8 Thin Bands with three dots on his Wrist

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

Tyler Joseph has 3 thin bands tattooed on his wrist which was further added with three dots in it.

Thin bands tattoos on wrist has several meaning like representation mourning or grief for a loss of loved or embracing self-love.

With the tattoo, Tyler Joseph wants to remind and distance himself from self-harm. And the three dots on it represents Me Vida Loca which translates to “my crazy life”.

Morover, the three dots also mean the Holy Trinity which means God is One.

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