Vlad and Niki: Net Worth, Toys, Career, Parents and Full Bio

Vlad and Niki are brother and sister and are among one the most popular YouTubers from Russia who has 21 YouTube channels.

Vlad and Niki

They run their YouTube channels in 18 different languages and have access to over 30 countries worldwide where kids love their videos.

Vlad and Nikki are mostly popular for reviewing toys and their vlogs where they spend their day in amusement parks and even go on vacation with their parents.

Vlad and Niki’s main channel has over 90 million subscribers and is among the top ten most watched and most subscribed YouTube channels in the world.

They have become one of the pioneers of YouTube history and if you want to know how this all started then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will know Vlad and Niki’s early careers, education, parents, and net worth.

So let’s begin.

Vlad and Niki Wiki

Name Vlad and Niki
Real Name Vlad Vasketov and Nikita Vasketov
Age Vlad – 9

Nikita – 6

Birthplace United States of America
Nationality Russian / American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Pisces and Gemini
Father Name Vladislav Vashketov
Mother Name Nikita Vashketov
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse N/A
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 5 ft 7 inches and 5 ft 3 inches
Weight 30 and 25 kg respectively
Net Worth 51 million
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Early Life

Where were Vlad and Niki born?

Vlad and Niki were both born in the USA despite their parents being from Russia as they moved to the USA quite early on after the marriage. Their father’s name is Sergei Vasketov and their mother’s name is Victoria Vasketov.

Vlad and Niki

Vlad is the elder of the two brothers and was born on 26th February 2013 which means he is just nine years old. On the other hand younger brother Nikita is just six years old his birthday falls on 4th June 2015.

In their earlier days,  Vlad and Niki were just regular days and were not thinking about being YouTubers. At the time they were just on regular school days however during the pandemic the siblings had to quit school to join the home school.

However, in 2018, Vlad and Niki’s parents created a YouTube channel where they were reviewing and playing with colored boards.

This was the point where Vlad and Niki’s life would change for good as they would become one of the most watched siblings on the YouTube platform.

Now, let’s take a look at  Vlad and Nikki’s careers:



Vlad and Nikita started their first-ever YouTube channel in 2018 where the cute siblings were playing with colored boards and making some amazing designs.

This video gained a quick hit as it got over 5 million views within a certain period. At the time YouTube decided to delegate videos to kids and adults and Vlad and Niki got among the first viral videos for YouTube kids which became quite beneficial for their channel.

Till now their first-ever YouTube videos have over 60 million views to date. However, that was just the beginning of the journey of the siblings as they will grow out to be one of the most popular kids’ YouTube channels in the world.

After the success of their first video, Niki and Vlad started making tons of more videos about toys, stories, and children’s quizzes. They also started making lots of hot wheels toys and racing each other which got even more attractions from kids all around the world.

They quickly started growing their videos to reviewing toys, children’s books, and stories books and even started their vlogging channel which grew them even more popular.

After the rapid success of Niki and Vlad’s English YouTube channel, the family was offered the chance to dub the videos in multiple languages such as Russian, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, and even Japanese.

This was one of the masterful ideas for the YouTube channel as many more fans from all around the world started to learn and get acknowledged about wonderful siblings channel Niki and Vlad.

Many international fans of Vlad and Niki started watching their original videos in English which boosted their channel even more.


Many people often are in awe of Vlad and Niki and wonder why they are so famous but the answer is simple. The innocent siblings’ love and fun is the main attraction of their videos.

Many comments suggest they smile through the videos along with their kids who love and learn from these videos.

One of the most entertaining facts about Vlad and Niki’s videos is they are enjoying learning and making videos with their parents which makes entertaining for other children and their parents.

And another reason for the successful YouTube channel is the variety of videos despite being a kid’s channel.

Vlad and Niki are siblings so there is a natural sibling rivalry among them and launching some fun-loving competitions such as cooking, gaming, and hot wheel racing competition.

Most Popular Videos

Some of the most popular YouTube videos of Vlad and Niki are listed below:

  • Vlad and Niki new funny stories and toys with 1 Billion views.
  • Magic Little Driver rides cars with over 700 million views.
  • Vlad and Nikita’s funny stories with toys with over 680 million views.
  • Vlad and Nikita’s Kids play with Balloons with over 650 million views.
  • Niki and Vlad ride on the bus with over 650 million views.

As of 2022 Niki and Vlad’s YouTube channel has over 97 million subscribers and also has over 110 billion views altogether. Vlad and Niki’s YouTube channel is still among the top ten most watched and most subscribed YouTube channels.


After the enormous success of their YouTube channel reviewing and playing with toys, Vlad and Niki decided to launch their own children’s toys.

They have their own website on VladandNikitoys.com where you can purchase all the exclusive toys and you can also purchase other products of Vlad and Niki from Vlad and Niki shop.com.



Despite Vlad and Niki being a children and kids YouTube channel they are not safe from any controversy or scandals in recent times.

One of the major controversies that Vlad and Niki got into is the parents complaining their children are insanely addicted to their YouTube channel.

Many parents have complained that Vlad and Nikki’s YouTube channel is making their children expect unrealistic new toys every day and children are getting irritated if they cannot get them.

Despite being just a children’s YouTube channel, any videos that are in large numbers will create addiction so if a child continuously watches Vlad and Nikki then he will have expectations of the same kind of life.

Another major controversy that Vlad and Niki’s channel has engaged in is fast-paced videos which are not beneficial for kids as they can cause CTE, especially for young brains.


Who are Vlad and Niki dating? 

Vlad and Niki are just young boys who are nine and six years old respectively so it is really unrealistic to assume that they are dating anyone.


They are too young to have any girlfriends instead they are in the company of their father, mother, and their younger brother Carmen.

Furthermore, Vlad and Niki’s mother Victoria gave birth to a young daughter whose name has been kept Alice however her face has been kept private on their social media.

There is not much information on the relationship status of the young siblings and when they grow up and find their partner then we will surely update you about it.


What are Vlad and Niki’s height & weight?

Vlad and Niki are both quite cute and adorable boys with elders’ height being 3 ft 7 inches and others being 3 ft 4 inches tall respectively. Similarly, the weight of Vlad and Niki is 30 kg and 25 kg respectively.

Vlad and Niki have blonde color hair and they also have blue color eyes. In terms of the zodiac sign, Vlad is Pisces whereas Niki’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

In terms of nationality, Vlad and Niki are American however their parents migrated from Russia. Vlad and Niki’s ethnicity is white, caucasian whereas they both follow Christianity as their religion.

Since Vlad and Niki are just young boys they do not have any serious hobbies instead they like to make YouTube videos, play with toys, and games, and go on a vacation with their parents to many amazing places.

Net Worth

What is Vlad and Niki’s net worth?

Vlad and Nikki are two siblings boys who have become one of the most subscribed and watched YouTubers in the world.

They have over 97 million subscribers and on average they get over 25 million views on each video which makes them millions of dollars in earnings.

Vlad and Niki

Furthermore, Vlad and Niki’s other sources of income is from their official merchandising and also from their official toys store where they have custom-made toys for kids all around the world.

As of 2022, Vlad and Niki have a net worth of approximately $51 million. The siblings are still very young to handle their finances so they rely on their parents in regard to their earnings.

The majority of their earnings are immediately invested in YouTube video production which is also the reason for the stable success of their channel.


  • Vlad and Niki have two more siblings in Carmen and Alice.
  • The siblings like to listen to Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons.
  • Vlad and Niki have pets a cat and a dog.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Vlad and Niki:

Q: When did Vlad and Niki start YouTube?

A: Vlad and Niki started their YouTube channel in 2018 and within five years they have over 97 million subscribers.

Q: Are Vlad and Niki Russian?

A: Vlad and Niki were born in America however their parents are from Russia so they are part Russian.



Image Credit: @VladInstagram and NikiInstagram

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