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Shammi Prasad (born February 1, 1993) is an Australian YouTuber and social media personality best known for his viral prank videos on his @shammiltd Facebook page.

He has 8 million followers on his Facebook page, 1.27 million subscribers on his main Youtube channel, Shammi, and 553,000 subscribers on his Shammi Vlogs channel.

In addition, Prasad has 1.7 million followers on his @shammi_ltd Instagram account.

Quick Bio

Born Shammi Prasad
February 1, 1993 (age [age birthday=”1993-02-01″])
Brisbane, Queensland
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Profession YouTuber
Channels Shammi, Shammi Vlogs
Total Subscribers 17,75,000 (all channels combined)
Profiles TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Website

Early Life

Shammi Prasad was born in Brisbane, Australia, on February 1, 1993. He grew up alongside his brothers Kailash (older) and Jayden Prasad (younger).

Shammi Prasad Date of Birth

He got his education from a local school in Brisbane. Prasad revealed in a podcast with his brother that he dropped out of school in 10th grade.

How old is Shammi Prasad?

Shammi Prasad is [age birthday=”1993-02-01″] years old. He was born in Brisbane, Queensland, and resides on the Gold Coast.

Shammi Prasad Height

Shammi Prasad stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 meters. And he weighs approximately 70 kg or 154lb.

He has black hair and black eyes. Prasad’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Shammi Prasad Height & weight

Shammi Prasad’s Net Worth

With 15 million+ followers on his social media accounts, Shammi Prasad is well-known worldwide for his funny prank videos. As of 2023, Prasad has an estimated net worth of 2.2 million Australian dollars. The prankster makes the majority of his income through advertisements on his videos, brand endorsements, and merchandise sales.

He also co-founded a bar in Australia with his brother, Memory Lane.

Shammi Prasad Net Worth

However, the bar is closed until further notice. Prasad also serves as the director of Uncut Media PTY LTD. He lives a luxurious lifestyle, which we can see in his videos.

Shammi Prasad

Shammi Prasad Girlfriend

As of 2023, Shammi is in a relationship with Brooklyn Kelly, a model from Australia. Shammi often features his girlfriend in his videos and on social media. Previously, Prasad reportedly dated Sarah Reay Young, a social media personality.

Shammi Prasad Brooklyn Kelly

The social media star is unmarried as of March 2023 and has no kids.

Now, let’s take a look at  Shammi Prasad’s career:


The [age birthday=”1993-02-01″] years old prankster had to struggle a lot to become a social media star.

In this section, we will discuss Shammi Prasad’s career and how he built his popularity online.

The Rise of Shammi

The Rise of Shammi Prasad

Before social media fame, Shammi used to work at a landscaping company.

He got inspired to make videos by watching videos on the Vine app.

After an unsuccessful attempt to create a Vine account, he started making short videos on his personal Facebook profile.

Then, he made his own Facebook page and posted funny short clips. In just one month, he got over 30,000 views on his videos.

Shammi Prasad First Video
A screenshot from Shammi Prasad’s first video on Facebook (Credit: @Shammiltd)

He stated that the views on his videos motivated him to keep creating more funny videos.

At the time, he worked at a landscaping company and would only make videos on the weekends.

People started enjoying his short clips, and he got over 7,000 followers on his page.

It was just a hobby project for Shammi, but things started happening quickly.

At this point, Shammi was still skeptical about pursuing a career in making funny videos.

Facebook Viral Videos

Shammi's Viral Facebook Videos

Shammi continued to make videos in his free time as he was determined to entertain more people, and the number of views and followers he initially got motivated him to keep going.

Luckily, one of his videos, “Do you want a root?” went viral on Facebook.

In the video, he asked random people if they wanted the root of a plant in a Shopping center. People’s reactions were like, “Wait, what?”, “Is he serious?”.

Shammi Prasad Root Video
A screenshot from the “Do you want a root?” video (Credit: @Shammiltd)

The unique video idea of offering free roots to strangers got funny reactions from people, and mixed with Shammi’s funny humor, people enjoyed the video.

When writing this article, the video has over 3.4 million views and 37k reactions on Facebook.

Prasad gained over 30,000 followers after the video went viral.

That’s when Shammi started working on videos seriously.

He started planning videos to entertain more people, and Shammi managed to hit the next milestone of 50,000 followers.

Shammi Met Jackson O’Doherty

Shammi Met Jackson O’Doherty

At the time, few people made videos like Shammi in Australia besides another social media star named Jackson O’Doherty.

Jackson was also making funny videos and had started gaining a decent number of followers.

Jackson and Shammi were strangers, but they would tag each other on their videos, and the two slowly started chatting.

The duo met in Sydney, and the friendship became a collaboration.

Later, the duo would make tons of viral videos together, and they still appear in each other’s videos, which fans enjoy watching.

Shammi’s Social Media Empire

Shammi Prasad Social Media Empire

At this time, Shammi was still working on his day job and making videos on the side. Though his videos were getting millions of views, he was not making any money.

After Facebook announced monetization features on videos for creators, he received an email from Facebook to allow monetization of his videos.

Afterward, Shammi’s videos started getting monetized, and he was able to make money from his viral videos.

Shammi was still living with his mom then, so he quit his job and focused on making videos without telling his mom.

Shammi Prasad Smile

Fact Time ⏰ – Shammi would wake up early and go to the park to film his videos. Still unaware that he had quit his job, his mom would think he was going to his day job. This went on for about two months, and once he started making enough money, his mom found out that he had become a massive social media star.

Currently, Shammi has over 15 million followers on all social media combined. Prasad has over 6.2 million followers on his TikTok account.

His main YouTube channel has 1.1 million followers as of August 2022.

Shammi Prasad’s Controversies

Shammi got involved in many controversies in his career due to his unusual pranks and stunts. This section will look at some of the most significant Shammi Prasad controversies.

Jumping from a 50-story Hotel

Shammi Prasad Controversies

Shammi shared a video on his Instagram account with the caption “BASE jumping 50 stories from our room,” where two people jump one by one from the window of Hotel Meriton.

Shammi Prasad Stunt

Though it’s not clear who the other person is, we can assume one of them is Shammi.

The death-defying stunt where the prankster and his assumed friend are plummeting at high speed toward the ground until a parachute breaks the fall at the last minute.

This incident was covered by major media outlets and created considerable controversy, and Shammi faced much backlash for this dangerous stunt.

Shammi Prasad Controversy

According to DailyMail, Performing such a dangerous stunt is illegal, and the offender could face thousands of dollars in fines or serve jail time for up to a year.

9News also covered this story, describing Shammi as a reckless prankster.

Melbourne Cup Outrage

Shammi Prasad Melbourne Cup Prank Controversy

Shammi Prasad caused outrage while filming a prank where he turned off the projector while numerous people were enjoying the Melbourne Cup match on a big screen.

Melbourne Cup is Australia’s prestigious horse racing competition, and people were outraged by Shammi’s action.

In the video, the prankster plans the prank before entering the event’s location.

The camera person uses his phone instead of a giant camera to avoid suspicion.

The prank starts when Shammi casually moves toward the projector with a glass of juice.

He puts the juice on the table, places a chair, climbs to reach the projector, and turns it off using a remote control.

At first, all the viewers were confused about what he was doing until he turned off the projector, causing outrage.

The crowd started shouting to turn back the TV, and one of them even tried to snatch the remote out of Shammi’s hands, but Shammi quickly headed toward the nearest exit.

According to Australian media, Shammi got captured while trying to get out of the venue, and the staff got hold of the remote.

While the staff tried to turn back the TV, Shammi left the venue calmly.

This prank caused enormous controversy, and some people demanded his arrest. However, no arrest was reported for this incident.

Quickly, Shammi made the headlines of popular media outlets, and he faced much criticism for his actions.

Shammi later apologized via his Twitter account.


  • Shammi Prasad quit his job to focus on his career as a video creator. He was living with his mom then, and his mom was unaware he had left his job.
  • Shammi and Danny Duncan are American YouTubers known for uploading pranks and comedic videos.


Q: Is Shammi Prasad Hindu?

A: Shammi Prasad was born in Brisbane, Australia, and his religion is Christianity. The majority of the people follow Christianity in Australia, and only 2.7% of the people are Hindus in Australia. Shammi is not a Hindu.

Q: Where is Shammi originally from?

A: Shammi Prasad is originally from Queensland Brisbane and lives near Lakeview Bliss and Goji Granola Bar and Cafe.

Q: Who is the Girl in Shammi’s Videos?

A: Many fans are curious about the girl that Shammi features in his videos, and the girl is Sarah Reay Young, who is Shammi’s girlfriend.

Q: Does Shami have Snapchat?

A: Yes, the Australian social media personality Shammi is on Snapchat. He announced his new Snapchat account through his Facebook page, captioning, “So I finally got Snapchat! Add me shammi_ltd”.

So yeah, he is on Snapchat with the username “Shammi_ltd.”


Image credit: @shammi_ltd Instagram

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