Almira Muhlach Wiki: Net Worth, Movies, Daughters, Age and Full Bio

Almira Muhlach is a very popular Filipino actress who is mainly famous for her charming beauty and her incredible acting in many Phillipino and Hollywood movies.

Almira Muhlach

Muchlach is considered among the number one Filipino actress since she has contributed to many amazing movies such as Alyas Batman en Robin, Biboy Banal, and U-Turn.

Apart from being a very popular actress, Almira is also an extremely popular social media personality as she has tons of followers on her Instagram and her TikTok account.

Almira is from a family in the movie industry as her mother is a very popular actress and her father is considered to be the father of the movie industry in the Philippines.

Despite appearing in various amazing movies, Almira is yet to win any major awards in her career. So if you are also a fan of Almira and her acting then you have come to the right place.

So let’s begin without any more delay.

Almira Muhlach Wiki

Name Almira Muhlach
Real Name Almira Muhlach
Age 49
Birthplace Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Father Name Alvaro Cheng Muhlach
Mother Name Anita Aquino
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse N/A
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Height 5’5 or 168 cm
Weight 55 kg or 121 pounds
Net Worth $5 Million
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Almira Mulach’s Height & Weight

Almira Muhlach stands at the height of 5 ft 5 inches or 1.68 meters and weighs about 55 kg or 121 lb. Muhlach is a very fine and beautiful actress and still looks extremely beautiful in her 50s.

Muhlach’s body measurements have not been released yet however she does like to wear the shoe size 7 US. Almira has black color eyes and she has brown color hair. She has a lovely smile and a very impressive body.

In terms of the zodiac, Almira Muchlach is Scorpio which explains her personality to be very strong, independent, and confident.

Almira Muchlach is Filipino in terms of nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. Muchlach has not shared about her religion and if she has any faith.

Since Almira is quite private in her life she has not revealed much of her hobbies however we can see that she spends most of her time shopping and with her children.

Almira Mulach’s Net Worth

Almira Muhlach is a very popular actress, make-up artist, and entrepreneur who has made quite an earnings from her career. Almira Muchlach’s main source of income is still from her acting career where she has given multiple successful movies and TV shows.

As of 2023, Almira Muhlach has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

Furthermore, she is also a very talented and trained make-up artist who has her own make-up institute. Almira has contributed makeup to many top Filipino and even Hollywood stars which is also her main source of income.

Almira is very private in terms of her finances and net worth information so she has not revealed much about her assets and properties.

However, this successful actress lives in a huge mansion in the Philippines.

Early Life

Where was Almira Muhlach born?

Almira Muhlach was born in the Philippines however there is not much information on her exact birthplace to date. She was born in a house of celebrities as most of her family are either actors, actresses,  or movie producers.

Almira’s father’s name is Alvaro Cheng Muhlach he is a very popular actor and producer from the Philippines. Similarly, her mother’s name is Anita Aquino she is also a renowned Filipino actress.

In terms of siblings, Almira has two brothers whose names are Aga and Andoy Muhlach and she also has a sister whose name is Arlene Muhlach.

Almira’s siblings Aga and Arlene are multiple award-winning actors whereas Andoy is a director and producer in multiple popular movies.

Since Almira grew up in a household of celebrities and actors she had to follow in the footstep of her mother and her father. Almira started learning dancing when she was just seven years old.

Almira was quite popular in her neighborhood and her parents were very rich so she had a very normal childhood. Since she was most active in dancing and acting from a very early age her parents decided to join the home school or private tutor.

Almira has not revealed if she took her higher education at home as she has not revealed the name of the institution among her fans and on her social media.

When Almira was just a teenager she started featuring as a model for various companies and also for various commercials.

This paved way for Almira’s amazing acting career.

Now, let’s take a look at  Almira Muhlach’s career:



Almira Muhlach first started her career as a model and a supporting actress however at first she did not get any decent roles so she started working as a makeup artist.

Muhlach was very good at her makeup job and often started getting recommendations for giving makeup to popular actresses.

However when one popular director approached Almira for the supporting role in the show Lupin where she played the role of Victoria. Almira’s role was small however she still did a fantastic job with it which started her acting career completely.

After the success of Lupin, Almira was approached for many roles but one stood out for her where she would play the role of Catwoman.

The movie’s name was the Filipino version of Batman titled “Alyas Batman en Robin. The movie was a massive hit and Almira became even more famous from the movie as she became among the top actress in the Philippines.

After the popularity of Batman, Almira started getting tons of acting opportunities and starred in many amazing movies such as Blue Jeans Gang, Biboy Bana, The Little Big Boy, and others.

Among them, Biboy Bana became a massive hit and Almira began getting even more fame and popularity. Apart from movies Almira also gets the opportunity in various TV shows.

Almira Muhlach starred in some of the most popular TV shows such as Wansapanatayam, Ipaglaban mo, Menor de Edad, and Maalaala mo kya which got a decent reputation in the Philippines however they were not as successful in international countries.

Even till 2022, Almira Muhlach has been acting in various TV series and movies. Her latest movie titled “Oh Mando has also appeared in some TV shows such as The Last Recipe and Wish Ko Lang where The Last Recipe became one of the most popular TV series of the year.

Social Media

Apart from an amazing acting career, Almira Muhlach is also an equally popular social media personality mostly on her Instagram.

Currently, Almira is also the manager of her daughter’s acting career and often filters and discusses the opportunity they receive. She has an Instagram account with over 113k followers.

Almira is also an entrepreneur and has her own business across the Philippines which consists of mostly accessories, jewelry, cars, shoes, and women’s dresses.

Apart from her career, Almira is also equally involved in charity and philanthropy where she advocates against women’s abuse and discrimination.


Abusive Husband

One of the major controversies that Almira Muhlach was involved in was when her husband Bong Alvarez got drunk and abused her physically and mentally.

Alvarez also sent text messages to Almira threatening her children harm and even committing suicide. Almira then reported the incident to the Filipino police who took Bong into custody and the couple was temporarily separated.

At the time the public was in favor of Almira however when she defended her husband during another drunk violent incident many of her fans turned against him and called her a hypocrite.

Currently, Almira and Bong are on good terms however they are currently separated.


Who is Almira Muhlach dating?

Almira Muhlach is currently single and is not dating anyone. She was married to very popular PBA basketball player Bong Alvarez after dating for several years.

Almira Muhlach daughter

The couple was madly in love however Bong developed an alcoholic tendency after which he started getting violent and started abusing Almira and her children.

Almira complained to the authority and even took temporary restraining order and eventually decided to divorce him.

In terms of children, Almira Muhlach has three daughters with Bong whose name is Illa, Alyssa, and Inna Alvarez and all of them are an actress.

Almira is very close with her daughters as they have moved on with their life after Paul.

According to various reports and fan pages, Almira may be currently dating a Filipino star, Erwin Dy Lim. There is no confirmation on if the couple is dating, however, Almira has shared some adorable photos of the couple together.

Despite being an actress Almira is quite private in regard to her relationship so when she updates relevant information then we will add it to this article.


  • Almira Muhlach started dancing when she was seven.
  • Muhlach has three daughters with Paul Bong Alvarez.
  • Almira is also a very trained makeup artist.
  • Almira is only active on Instagram.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Almira Mulach:

Q: Did Bong Alvarez abused Almira Muhlach?

A: Yes when Bong was addicted to drugs and alcohol he started abusing Almira after which the pair were separated.

Q: What is Almira Muhlach net worth?

A: Almira Muhlach has a net worth of $5 million as of 2022.


Image Credit: @AlmiraMuhlachInstagram

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