Chandler Hallow Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Mr. Beast, Shot and Full Bio


Chandler Hallow is a very popular YouTuber, Gamer, Streamer, and Entrepreneur who is mostly known for being the cure member of another famous YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson also known as Mr.Beast.

Chandler is mainly famous for his witty and funny commentary during games and challenges and also for his fantastic analysis and reactions during horror games.

Despite being one of the crews in Mr. Beast’s amazing empire, Chandler has his own personality which is why he has become a very popular individual YouTuber.

Quick Bio

Name Chandler Hallow
Real Name Chandler Hallow
Date of Birth December 3, 1998
Place of Birth Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession YouTuber
Channels N/A
Total Subscribers N/A
Height 6 ft 2 inches or 187 cm
Weight 78 kg or 171 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Net Worth $3 Million
Profiles Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube


Chandler Hallow stands at the height of 6 ft 2 inches or 187 cm and weighs about 78 kg or 171 lbs. Hallow’s body measurement is 42-30-36 inches and he likes to wear shoe sizes 12 US.

Chandler’s eyes color is Dark Brown and his hair color is brown in color. Hallow’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius which explains his personality to be witty, confident, and very creative.

Chandler is American in terms of nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. In terms of religion, Chandler is Christian and even went to Catholic school when he was younger.

Chandler used to be quite introverted but later he became quite outgoing and energetic. Some of his hobbies are Trekking, Traveling, Swimming, and playing video games with his friends.

Moreover, he also likes to spend valuable time with his family and new fiance in a quiet place.

Net Worth

Chandler Hallow is a very popular YouTuber and content creator and is the right-hand man of the Mr. Beast Crew. Hallow has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Hallow normally makes his income from the Mr. Beast YouTube channel and also from various merchandise that the brand sells.

Chandler Hallow

Chandler also earns from his social media sponsorships and brand deals normally on his Instagram and TikTok.

In terms of assets and properties, Chandler Hallow is quite wealthy. Hallow has a luxurious villa in a very busy part of North Carolina which is valued at over $2 million.

Chandler also has quite a car collection mainly of Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, and others. He also is a very serious shoe collection as he likes to collect Air force one shoe which he has showcased on his social media account.


Who is Chandler Hallow dating?

Chandler Hallow is not only dating but is currently married to a very beautiful Instagram personality and model Cara Davis.

Chandler Hallow

Hallow was dating Cara Davis way before he was engaged. They were in love after meeting for the first time at an event and after that, they started going on regular dates with Cara.

After almost six years Chandler and Cara got engaged in July 2021 and are married just two weeks ago. Cara and Chandler shared adorable photos of the ceremony with the caption “couldn’t be happier than I am right now!! yay to forever with you #engaged”.

Chandler and Cara are a very happy couple and they are not involved in any controversy or scandal to date.

Early Life

Where was Chandler Hallow born?

Chandler Hallow was born in Greenville, North Carolina, USA. His father’s name is Tod Hallow and his mother’s name is Tricia Hallow.

Chandler also has two sisters whose names are Hannah and Cassidy Hallow and three brothers who are Jordan, Zach, and Mike Hallow.

Growing up Chandler was quite shy and introverted however he was creative and like to spend time on games and arts. Chandler went to JS Rose High School in Greenville.

Hallow then joined Chowan University and was even selected for the baseball team of the university.

Chandler was so talented in baseball that he was once convinced he would be a professional baseball player.

However, injuries prevented him from becoming a player, and instead, he turned to making YouTube videos and playing games on a computer.

Now, let’s take a look at  Chandler’s career:



When he was just a young boy, Chandler Hallow always was passionate about games and making videos. When he was in his college he had the opportunity to join the crew of a very popular YouTuber, Mr. Beast.

However, at first time, it was only for the position of Janitor. Chandler first used to clean chores for decent money but Mr. Beast liked his personality and sense of humor and realized Chandler had a huge opportunity to be in front of the camera.

Chandler also impressed Mr. Beast when he was asked to be a camera for videos and other projects and finally, the team decided to give Chandler a chance to feature in some videos.

Joining Mr. Beast Crew

After working for a couple of years Mr. Beast offered Chandler to feature in a video in 2018. This was one of the turning points in his career.

Chandler hallow Mr Beast

Chandler’s comedy looks, witty personality, and ability to hold his own impressed Mr. Beast fans and he was instantly liked. Fans requested in the comment section to bring Chandler back.

Mr. Beast was also convinced by his on-camera ability that he did not hesitate to add Hallow to his crew soon after Chandler became one of the most important parts of his crew and started featuring regularly.

Chandler and Mr. Beast became best of friends and explored various games, and challenges and even reacted together in Mr. Beast’s reactions channel.

Some of the famous videos that Chandler Hollow is involved in are:

  • $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life = 302 million views.
  • Last To Leave Circle Wins $500,000 – 299 million views.
  • I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive – 203 million views.
  • I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement – 202 million views.
  • Press This Button To Win $100,000 – 197 million views


After becoming popular through MrBeast Chandler decided to start his own YouTube channel and play games and react. His commentary and funny nature gained him lots of praise so he decided to follow on his track as well.

However, his YouTube channel was not as successful as he wished. Moreover, due to a lack of time for filming, vlogs, and constant traveling, he could not give time to his own YouTube channel.

Chandler has only uploaded eight videos on his channel and the last upload was in early 2022. Hallow has been appearing far less on Mr. Beast’s channel.

He has stated that he was taking a break from constant work and would not stress much but has been on the work grind lately.

Chandler is a massive advocate of mental health and urges young YouTubers to take care of themselves before


False Death Claim

In one of the biggest fake death hoaxes, BBC announced that Mr. Beast associate and YouTuber Chandler Hallow was shot dead while stunting for a  video.

The news spread like wildfire across the internet and many of Mr. Beast and Chandler’s fans did not believe it.

According to SportsKeeda, Chandler found out about the fake news after a couple of hours of publishing so he dropped a Tweet with the screenshot of the article and claimed “Just found out I died”.

Even Mr. Beast joking responded by tweeting “Sorry to make you eat 10,000 pickles in 5 hours”

After the news got the attention of the journalist who was mentioned to have written the article he clarified he had never written such an article and the headline was also not in the format of writing articles.

Apart from this little controversy, Chandler has not been involved in any major scandals or disputes with any other content creators.


  • Chandler Hallow’s favorite TV show is Game of Thrones and Friends.
  • Hallow likes to visit Mexico and Santorini as his favorite place for vacation.
  • Chandler Hallow has three brothers and two sisters who are not YouTubers.
  • Hallow first worked as a Janitor for Mr. Beast before becoming a cameraman and later a full-time crew.
  • Chandler does not have any dogs but has videos of adopting every dog in the locality.
  • Chandler gets featured in Mr. Beast videos along with Karl Jacobs.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Chandler Hallow:

Q: What is the height and weight of Chandler Hallow?

A: Chandler Hallow has a height of ft 2 inches or 187 cm and weighs about 78 kg or 171 lbs. Hallow is quite tall with a very lanky body however he is quite tall.

Q: How did Chandler’s fake death rumor spread?

A: According to BBC Chandler was shot dead when he was stunted to make a YouTube video. However, later Chandler revealed he was not dead and even the reporter mentioned in the article denied ever writing such articles.

Q: What is Chandler Hallow’s net worth?

Chandler Hallow is a very popular YouTuber who has a net worth of approximately $3 million.


Image Credit – @ChandlerHallow Instagram

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