Devon Larratt Wiki: Net Worth, Height, Weight, Age, Wife and Full Bio

Devon Larratt is a very popular YouTuber and arm wrestler from Canada who became famous mostly for his bodybuilding and fitness videos. Larratt is also one of the veterans of the Canadian armed forces.

Devon is still regarded as one of the strongest arm wrestling champions and has been even been rewarded as the No 1 arm wrestler in North America.

Arm wrestling is not popular and predominant sports such as wrestling or other combat sports so many people credit Devon for introducing it to the wider audience across the USA and other countries as well.

Larrett has also contributed to collaborating with players of other sports which has helped in increasing the awareness of the sports even more.

If you are also a fan of Devon Laratt and were impressed by his strength and his videos then you might want to learn more about him.

So let’s get started.

Devon Laratt Wiki

Name Devon Larratt
Real Name Devon Larratt
Age [age_calculator birth_date=”1975-04-24″]
Date of Birth April 24,  1975
Place of Birth Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Mixed- Canadian/German
Profession Arm-Wrestler
Channels Devon Larratt
Total Subscribers 520k
Height 6ft 5 inches or 196 cm
Weight 102 kg or 224 lbs
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Light Green
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Net Worth $600k
Profiles YouTube, Instagram

Early Life

Where was Devon Laratt born?

Devon Larratt was born on April 24, 1975, in Victoria, British Columbia which implies he is [age_calculator birth_date=”1975-04-24″]. Larratt has not revealed any information in regards to his parents but we do know that his father is an American and his mother was a German.

Devon Laratt Birthplace

From an early age, his mother taught him to speak German while his father started teaching him arm wrestling.

Devon constantly used to compete in arm wrestling with his grandmother who was the best arm wrestling champion in their home in Alberta.

In terms of siblings, Devon has an elder brother name Shannon Larratt who is an author, writer, and artist.

When Larratt started defeating his grandmother he wanted to progress even further and wanted to become a champion of the world.

Devon then joined Canadian Special Operations Forces Command when he was just 21 years old. He served in the Canadian joint Task Force 2 for over fifteen years and became a veteran soldier of the army.

He was deployed to Afghanistan seven times and one time he got injured during the operations. After the incident, Devon was rewarded with the Master Corporal rank.

Despite being in the military Larratt always trained for arm wrestling competitions and often used to participate in the competition from within the military.

Moreover, Devon also started learning judo and participated in various competitions despite serving in the military.

In terms of education, Devon has not revealed if he has completed his high education or not. However, he seems like he has completed his education during his time in the military.

Now, let’s take a look at  Devon Laratt’s career:


Devon Larratt

Early Career

Larratt started his early career in 1999 when he participated in his first international competition in Japan. In the competition, Devon came in third in the competition for 100 kg left-handed competitors.

Devon then participated in the Ontario Championship where he came close to winning the whole tournament and a year later in 2004 he came even closer to winning the Ontario Championship but lost in the super match against John Brzenk.

Devon Larratt then took a break from participating for six months and made his return in 2006 where he defeated a veteran arm wrestler 3-1. Larratt has claimed the match against Bath his favorite match for a long time.

Arm Wars

For the first time Devon Larratt joined the Arms Wars competition and again defeated Ron Bath but this time he won by a 6-0 score. This proved Devon was ready for true competition and was among the contender to become world champion.

At the time no one had defeated Bath so dominantly which meant Devon became the no 1 right-handed arm wrestler in the world.

However, Larratt was not done yet. He truly made a name for himself by beating no 2 and no 1 Marcio Barboza and Travis Bagent with a scoreline of 5-1.

Devon Laratt finally became the no 1 for both left and right arm by defeating Don Underwood 4-3, Travis Bagent 5-2, and Tim Bresnan 5-1.

However, in the same year, Devon lost to Travis Bagent and relinquished his left-handed title but was able to defend his right-handed title.

Other Tournaments

After participating in Ontario Tournaments and Arm Wars Devon then started competing in various other popular Arm wrestling tournaments such as ULA/UAL and ArmBets.

Despite being another tournament his rivalry with Tom Bresnan did not stop as he defeated Bresnan and won the right-hand super heavyweight champion of the world.

Larratt then took back his left-handed championship by beating Andriy Pushkar in another prestigious tournament mainly known as the ArmBet tournament.

In 2014 Devon Larratt competed in World Armwrestling Championship WAL where he defended his left-handed title by beating yet another rival Michael Barbosa.

After winning countless tournaments Devon had to take break long break when suffering from deep vein thrombosis. After returning from the break, Devon was offered to participate in the King of the table tournament with his rival and friend Michael Todd.

In the most hype match in arm wrestling history, Devon won the match by a scoreline of 5-0 and retained his left-handed championship, and even managed to avenge the loss in 2018.

Exhibition Boxing

Devon Larratt has also participated in exhibition boxing with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. Larratt lost the match in the first round with a TKO but claimed he has good experience and it was very fun.


Devon Larratt

Who is Devon Larratt married to?

Devon Larratt is currently married to ex-arm wrestler and model Jodi Larratt. Devon and Jodi have been married to each other for almost 20 years and have three children together.

Devon’s children’s names are Riley, Kennedy, and Pamela but there is not much information about them as Devon and Jodi are very protective of their children.

Apart from fitness videos, Devon and Jodi make Pancake diet videos and even some of Devon’s fans send him Maple Syrup and other recipes to feature on his YouTube and Instagram.

Devon, Jodi, and their three children currently reside in Ottawa, Canada at this current moment.


What is Devon Larratt’s height & weight?

Devon Larratt currently stands at the height of 6ft 5 inches or 196 cm and weighs about 102 kg or 224 lbs. There is no information on his body size however his biceps size is 43.5 cm and his forearm size is 38 cm.

Devon’s eye color is light green and his hair color is dark. Larrett’s zodiac sign is Taurus which shows his character nature has been soft from the inside and really hard from the outside.

In terms of nationality, Devon is Canadian and belongs to mixed ethnicity. Additionally, he follows Christianity as his religion.

Net Worth

What is Devon Larratt’s net worth? 

Devon Larratt is quite a wealthy person who mostly made his money from his career as an arm wrestler. Larratt appeared in various WBC competitions and also made appearances in the ESPN TV series.

Apart from his arm wrestling career, Devon has also made quite a good amount of earnings from his very successful YouTube channel where he gets quite a lot of views.

Devon has also got sponsorships and brand deals from many popular fitness companies such as The Beard Struggle, Rogue, and Crossfit.

Devon Larrett’s net worth as of 2022 is approximately $300,000.


  • Devon Larrett’s wife Jodi Larrett is also an ex-arm wrestling champion.
  • Larrett spends twenty-one years of his life in the Canadian military.
  • Devon got the rank of Major Corporal after being injured in Afghanistan.
  • Larrett’s favorite food is Pancake and his wife prepares a wrestling diet.
  • Devon Larrett currently lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and his kids.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Devon Laratt:

Q: How much score did Devon lose to Tsyplenkov?

A: In the much-awaited arm wrestling match between Devon and Tsyplenkov he lost with a score of 6-0.

Q: Has Devon Larratt served in the military?

A: Devon Larratt joined the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command at the age of twenty-one and served for sixteen years.

Q: What is the height and weight of Devon Larratt?

A: Devon Larratt stands at the height of 6ft 5 inches or 196 cm and weighs about 102 kg or 224 lbs. His biceps size is 43.5 cm and his forearm size is 38 cm.

Q: Do Devon Larratt have his own merchandise?

A: Yes Devon’s fans can purchase his merchandise from


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