Eduin Caz Wiki: Net Worth, Band, Scandals, Wife and Full Bio

Eduin Caz is a very popular Mexican singer, songwriter, music composer, and social media personality. His full name is Eduin Oswaldo Parra Cazares.

Eduin is mainly famous for his band named Grupo Firme which he made with his long-time friend Joaquín Ruiz, Jhonny Cazares, Jairo Corrales, Christian Téllez,

Due to the insane popularity of Eduin’s band, they have won some of the prestigious musical awards of Mexico such as Grammy Latino awards and others.

So if you are a fan of Eduin and want to know about his all-life stories by the time you finish this article you will be more familiar with this talented Latino star.

Hence without any delay let’s begin.

Eduin Caz Wiki

Name Eduin Caz
Real Name Eduin Cazares
Date of Birth 30th July 1994
Place of Birth Tijuana, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Latino
Profession Singer
Channels Eduin Caz Oficial
Total Subscribers 446 Subscribers
Height 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm
Weight 75 kg or 175 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Leo
Net Worth $3 Million
Profiles Instagram, TikTok

Early Life

Where was Eduin Caz born?

Eduin Caz was born in Tijuana, Mexico on 30th July 1994. Currently, Eduin is 28 years old. Regarding his parents, Eduin has not revealed anything to date however he does have his own sibling.

Eduin has a younger sibling named Johnny Caz who is also a Mexican singer and songwriter. At first, Eduin formed the band Grupo Firme with his friend but later invited his brother to join the band.

Both Eduin and Johnny are in the band at the current time. Ever since he was a young boy Eduin was very passionate about music mostly pop and rock bands from Mexico and USA.

There is no exact information on education of Eduin however it seems like he has dropped out of any educational institution and instead decided to follow his career in music.

During the early part of his career, Eduin had to struggle to get a decent gig and kickstart his career however after meeting Joaquin Ruiz his career started to formulate and he eventually became one of the best Mexican musicians in the world.

Now, let’s take a look at  Eduin Caz’s career:



Eduin Caz started his singing career at a very young age when he was passionate about Mexican and Latino music. Caz has never really revealed how he decided to become a singer but we know that he started learning to play musical instruments when he was very young.

Eduin Caz

Currently, he is in a band named “Grupo Firme” which is very popular in Mexico and also in some parts of the USA and Canada.

Caz started forming the band when he was in his twenties. At the time he went to Tijuana to further his career as a single or solo artist. However, he met another passionate music fan “Joaquin Ruiz” who was also an extremely talented guitarist.

After meeting Joaquin, Caz realized that both of them had a common love for music so they formed a duo band in Reto Sierreno.

After some time, Eduin and Joaquin went their separate ways and formed their own bands but that did not last much longer and they also did not achieve their goals.

After a couple of years, Caz and Joaquin met again and formed another band named Fuerza Occulta along with three other very talented musicians. At first, the band struggled with the idea of originality so they only started covering hit singles of Mexican and American artists.

They started performing in various restaurants and clubs at first in Mexico and the United States. At first, the band was quite new, and not many people knew about them however they managed to gain plenty of followers in a very short amount of time.

After getting popular in Mexico, the band decided to change their name and decided to call themselves Grupo Fuerza but after finding out tons of other bands with the same name they ultimately came up with the name Grupo Firme. Eduin Caz became the frontman of the band Grupo Firme.

Soon after Eduin and his group signed a music deal with a very popular music promotion in Music VIP Entertainment. They immediately started to release new albums and songs which made them even more popular in Mexico and the USA.

Group Firme’s debut album was titled Pasado, Presento, and Futaro which they released in 2017 and incidentally, it became a massive hit.

Their other studio album was titled El Barco and from that album, some of the songs became massive hits mainly Las Metas, El Bueno de Tijuana, and Gente De Verdad.

However, their most popular song was released after a year and was titled “Tu Postura” which became a worldwide famous song along with three other singles El Roto, Juro Por Dios, and Pideme.

Eduin Cais and his band have released several more amazing songs and albums which have provided them with several awards and accolades such as Grammy Latino Award and Premios Juventud Award.



Eduin Caz was living a normal life however he got himself into a major controversy when a TikTok model uploaded a two-minute-long video claiming Caz was cheating on his wife with him and even threatened to harm her if she did not keep quiet.

The anonymous girl also claimed she was in fear for her life as Eduin was threatening her and if anything happened to her it was Eduin’s fault.

However, Caz admitted he was cheating on his wife with the girl but claimed the girl was instead extorting and blackmailing him for money. He was never going to hurt anyone and apologized to his fans and his wife before taking a break from social media.

Eduin also claimed there was no problem with his wife and she has forgiven him. Since there is no incident of Eduin’s break up news it means that the couple’s relationship did not hit any snag.


Who is Eduin Caz dating?

Eduin Caz is married to his longtime girlfriend Daisy Anahy. Caz and Daisy met each other when they were just 16 years old and ever since then they fell in love and began dating each other.

Eduin Caz

After dating each other for over 10 years couple finally got married to each other. Currently, Eduin and Daisy have two adorable children in Edwin and Dahsia Cazares.

Eduin consistently shares his family photos on his social media which shows how his family is very happy and living full life in each other company.

Since Eduin and Daisy are childhood sweethearts there was no tension at first however when a TikTok model revealed Eduin cheating on her, many fans of Eduin were angry with him and urged Daisy to leave him.

Despite the scandal, Eduin and Daisy are still together and living their happy life in Tijuana.


What is Eduin Caz’s height & weight?

Eduin Caz stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm and weighs around 75 kg or 175 lbs. There is no information on the body measurements of Eduin Caz however he likes to wear a shoe size 10 US.

Caz’s hair color is black and his eye color is dark brown. Eduin looks really bulky and muscular which shows he may spend time on his fitness and gym bulking his body.

Caz’s zodiac sign is Leo which shows his personality to be very determined and successful. They are also very hardworking but also care for their loved ones by taking the majority of the responsibility.

Just like Eduin Leos are also the leader of their group. In terms of nationality, Eduin is Mexican and his ethnicity is Latino however he has not revealed anything about his religion.

Eduin Caz is a very talented musician who likes to make songs however he also has lots of amazing hobbies such as photography, skiing, traveling, and photography.

Net Worth

What is Eduin Caz’s net worth?

Eduin Caz is a very popular musician and the lead member of the very popular band Grupo Firme. Caz has made quite an earnings from various successful albums and songs and also from his incredible tours and concerts.

Eduin is also a very popular TikTok star, Instagram star, and social media personality from which he earns quite an earnings from sponsorships and brands.

Eduin Caz

His other major source of income is from advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandise deals which they have sold in thousands.

As of 2022, Eduin Caz’s net worth is approximately $3 million.


  • Eduin Caz is very popular on social media with over 7 million followers on Instagram.
  • Caz is happily married to Daisy Anhay who is his childhood sweetheart.
  • Eduin currently has two children whose names are Dahsia and Edwin.
  • Eduin’s brother Johnny is also in the band Groupo Firme with his brother.
  • Cas was born in Tijuana and became a massive Mexican musician.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Eduin Caz:

Q: Did Eduin Caz cheat on Daisy?

A: Eduin Caz did cheat on the TikTok star and even confessed it on Twitter. He also clarified the girl was blackmailing and extorting money from him.

Q: When did Eduin Caz formed Grupo Firme?

A: After coming up with several names finally Eduin and his friend decided on the band Grupo Firme in 2015.

Q: What is Eduin Caz’s net worth?

A: Eduin Caz has a net worth is approximately $3 million as of 2022.


Image Credit – @EduinCaz

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