Grace Fan DeVito Wiki: Net Worth, Career, Age, Boyfriend and Full Bio

Grace Fan DeVito is a very popular director and producer in Hollywood however she is more famous for being the daughter of the very popular director Danny DeVito.

Grace Fan DeVito

Along with directing, Grace has also appeared as an actress in many movies most notably in Jeff and Some Aline TV series.

Despite being born into a family of superstars Grace did not need any handouts so she decided to carve her own path to stardom and glory.

Grace became a producer instead of an actress and produced some very popular movies such as “My Girlfriend’s Abroad”, Bloom and Amboy, and more.

Along with her father and mother, Grace’s brother and sister are also star actors but she did not want to become an actor anyway and wanted to control movies from behind the camera.

So if you are also a fan of Grace Fan DeVito or don’t have any clue about her and want to know more then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will get to know Grace Van Devito Net Worth, age, height and career, and more.

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Grace Fan DeVito Wiki

Name Grace Fan DeVito
Real Name Grace Fan DeVito
Age 35 years old
Birthplace New York City, USA
Nationality America
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Father Name Danny DeVito
Mother Name Rhea Perlman
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse N/A
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 60 kg
Net Worth $1 Million
Profiles IMDB

Early Life

Where was Grace Fan DeVito born?

Grace Fan DeVito was born in New York City, USA. She was born to Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito. In terms of siblings, Grace has two siblings they are Jake DeVito and Lucy DeVito.

Grace Fan DeVito

As Grace’s father was a very popular director and her mother was a very famous actress she was grown into the world of the entertainment industry.

Grace along with her family already had a blueprint of being associated with movies or the entertainment industry so it was natural for her to be associated with Hollywood.

However, unlike or siblings, Grace did not pursue a career to be an actress but instead wanted to be a director or producer and help the movies behind the scenes.

However, before that, her parents contributed a lot to Grace’s education as she went to various prestigious schools and also graduated from the University in England but the name of the institute has been kept private.

Now, let’s take a look at  Grace Fan DeVito’s career:



Grace Fan Devito first started her career as an actress. She made her debut in 2006 with the movie “My Girlfriends Abroad” and a year later in 2007 with “Bloom”.

But unlike her siblings, Grace was more focused on the behind-the-camera role mostly directing. However, Grace did return to the movies after almost a decade with the movie Amboy in 2015 and also two years later in Jeff and Some Aliens.

However, unlike or directing or producing career, Grace did not achieve much success in her acting career.

In an interview, Grace acknowledged she was not made for acting but enjoyed being in front of the camera as much as she did when behind the camera.


Along with being an actress, Grace is also a very exceptional director. To be fair,  Grace always wanted to be a director and be behind the camera instead of being in front of one.

Grace directed some of her own movies most notably in My Girlfriend’s Abroad which catapulted her career as a director.

After being motivated by her first successful project, DeVito also directed another movie in Bloom. After the successful direction of the movie Bloom, it was clear that Grace was truly following the footprint of her father Danny DeVito.

Who is Danny DeVito?

Danny DeVito is a very popular American movie director and actor who became popular after directing various successful movies.

Some of the famous movies that Danny DeVito acted in it are Matilda, Tears of Endearment, Romancing the Stone, The War of the Roses, Deck The Halls, and Jumanji.

Due to his amazing contributions to the movie industry, Danny DeVito has won several awards most notably Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award.


Grace fan DeVito is a very talented producer, director, and actress who is quite humble and polite and has never been involved in any type of controversy or scandal to date.

Many people in Hollywood are often involved in numerous amount of controversies and scandals however Grace is not such a person and in fact, she likes to be away from the media and spotlight.

However her father Danny is not shy from controversy in the media. The major scandal that Danny DeVito faced was once when he cheated on his wife with a young extra who worked on his movie Hoffa.

The eyewitnesses claimed that it was pathetic as both of them were not really in love and were only for money or having a fun time.

After the shoot, the girl would drive around with Danny and finally used to visit his house late at night. People claimed everybody knew about the affair, and most of them felt bad for the wife Rhea Perlman.

Rhea obviously figured out about the affair so she decided to fire her from the set and the relationship between Rhea and Danny also severely deteriorated.


Who is Grace Fan DeVito dating?

Grace is very private in terms of her private life and also in terms of her dating life. DeVito has not revealed if she has been dating anyone or has been married yet.

After doing much research Grace has not shared any of her relationships or private life on either social media, news articles, or with her fans.

Since Grace is not as particularly famous as her siblings, mother, and father, the media do not tend to do some research about her.

Furthermore, Grace has not given any one interview to date that reveals her personal life, whom she is dating, and if she is married or not.

It seems like Grace is just enjoying her single life and mostly focused on her career as a director or she has simply done a wonderful job of keeping her husband or boyfriend private.

Is it also a similar case with her children as Grace has not revealed she has become a mother. There is also no indication of Grace adopting a child and raising them quite yet.

If there is any information on whether Grace has revealed her boyfriend or marriage or if she has children then we will surely update you about it.


What is Grace Fan DeVito’s height & weight?

Grace Fan DeVito is a very popular director who stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm and weighs about 60 kg or 132 lbs.

DeVito has body measurements of 34-27-35 inches and she likes to wear shoe size 7 US. Grace wears a bra size of 32 B and has a cup size of 35 B.

DeVito’s hair color is Dark Brown whereas she has beautiful hazel color eyes. In terms of the zodiac sign, Grace DeVito is Capricorn which explains her personality to be very strong, determined, and materialistic.

Normally they are very confident in themselves and do not really need friends instead they focus on their own music and books.

Grace Fan is American in terms of nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. She follows Christianity as her religion however she has not discussed or disclosed her faith to date.

Apart from acting and directing, Grace also has some hobbies that she likes to follow when she is normally not busy. One of the alone times she likes to do is read books and spend out with her family.

Net Worth

What is Grace Fan DeVito’s net worth?

Grace Fan DeVito is a very popular director, producer, actress and also businesswoman so she has made quite an earnings for herself.

Grace’s major source of income from the movies she has either directed or acted upon. Her other major earning opportunities arise from her various business across New York City.

Grace Fan DeVito

As of 2022, Grace Fan DeVito has a net worth of approximately $1 million. There is not much information on how many assets and properties Grace has purchased from her earnings.

As we have cleared before Grace is a very private person so there is not much known about her spending habit, investment, and if she is saving for her future.


  • Grace Fan DeVito’s siblings are Lucy and Jacob DeVito who are both actors.
  • Grace started her career as an assistant director.
  • DeVito’s ethnicity is Italian.
  • Grace’s favorite food is Pasta and Pizza.
  • Grace has starred and directed in the famous movie Matilda.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Grace Fan DeVito:

Q: What is the height and weight of Grace Fan DeVito?

A: Grace’s current height and weight are 5 ft 7 inches and 60 kg respectively. Her body measurements are 34-27-35 inches.

Q: What is the net worth of Grace Fan DeVito?

A: Grace Fan DeVito is a very popular actress and director with a net worth of approximately $1 million.

Q: Has Grace Fan DeVito won any awards?

A: Grace Fan DeVito has not won any awards either as a director or as an actor.



Image Credit: @Google

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