Hank Kunneman Wiki: Church, Net Worth, Books, Wife and Full Bio

Hank  Kunneman is a very famous senior pastor and author of various motivational books. He is also a popular motivational speaker and sermon who likes to provide hope and motivate many people around the world.

Hank Kunneman

Hank is extremely popular for writing lots of books that are quite famous such as Throne Room: Prophecy, The Supernatural, The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto, Barrier Breakers: Ignore Your Faith, and more

Kunneman is the pastor of the church “Lord of Hosts” in Omaha, Nebraska. Along with being an author and pastor, he is also a self-claimed prophet who came into quite the conversation after successfully predicting that Donald Trump will be president of the USA in 2020.

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Hank Kunneman Wiki ✅

Name Hank Kunneman
Real Name Hank Kunnerman
Age 1966
Birthplace Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign N/A
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse Brenda Kunneman
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5 feet 10 inches or 178 centimeters
Weight 75 kgs or 165 lbs
Net Worth $500,000 – $700,000
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Early Life

Where was Hank Kunneman born?

Hank Kunneman is currently around 60 years old as he was born in the 1960s. Kunneman’s birthplace is the USA however the exact place of his birth is still not known yet.

Hank was quite hardworking and talented in his studies when he was just a young boy. In terms of education, Hank Kunneman attended Catholic school where he learned discipline, patience, and the ability to motivate.

Kunneman has not revealed where he has taken his high education and what he did when he was a young boy. Other than being talented in education, Hank was also equally talented in music and loved to play the piano and mouth organ.

There is not much information about Hunk’s early life and how he started to become an author and became a pastor of the church.

Kunneman extraordinarily got into the limelight and spotlight when he started predicting some big events around the USA.

Now, let’s take a look at Hank Kunneman’s career:



Hank Kunneman is widely popular as the pastor who provides sermon services in his own church Lord of the Hosts. According to the man himself his church does various kinds of charity works all over the world for the betterment of Christian people.

Hank Kunneman

Kunneman does not only provide his prophecies in the USA but all around the world which is why he visits many places all around the world constantly.

Hank’s support is his wife who is also a catholic and has the position of a senior pastor who also helps in day-to-day activity and the management of the church.

Along with managing the church and benefitting needy people Hank Kunneman also involves himself with motivational speaking and many charity events.


Apart from being a pastor and evangelist, Hank Kunneman is also an exceptional author who has released several very popular books regarding Christians, Gods, Faith, and Children.

Some of the most popular books of Hank Kunneman are:

  • The Lord Himself is Stepping in
  • My Heart Cries Abba Father
  • Throne Room Prophecy
  • Barrier Breakers and
  • Don’t Leave God Alone

Almost all of Hank’s book showcases the love for God, Christians, and faith that encourages to worship God and claims that God provides hope, strength, and guidance to be better.

TV Host

Additionally, Hank is also a TV host and also has his TV program on Daily Star titled “Prophecy”.

In his TV show, he preaches what he writes in his book and also has made several prophecies and statements that he has made about Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

These are some controversial statements that we have included in the section below.


Accusing Joe Biden

In 2022, Hank Kunneman came into quite a controversy after making some questionable statements about the current president of the USA Joe Biden.

According to newsweek.com, Hank claimed that Joe Biden was a fake president have a black soul, and have been lying to the general public of the USA.

Kunneman made a direct statement in the TV show daily star stating” Fake Administration that we call President has been lying to you”.

After the statement, the response is social media is mixed where Trump fans are praising him however Biden’s loyals are hammering Kunneman claiming he is the traitor and must be discarded.

Hank has also made some other questionable claims such as “God wants Donald Trump to be president and Biden is only president so that God wants to test Christians’ faith”.

Donald Trump Statement

Another controversial statement that Hank Kunneman stated is that “Donald Trump will have a second stint as the president of the United States.” Furthermore adding to that Hank also stated that ‘God wants Trump to be president of the USA and Joe Biden was just a fake replacement or placeholder.

Although other Prophets who have claimed this have acknowledged this mistake and apologized, this is far from the case for Hank who has not apologized but instead has doubled down from his ridiculous statements.

Hank Kunneman gets tons of support for his statement and prophecy from various Trump supporters and many people around the world which is the reason he does not hesitate to make bold statements.


Who is Hank Kunneman dating?

Hank Kunneman is currently dating and is married to Brenda Kunneman. Brenda and Hank got married to each other in 1989 however there is not much information on how they met each other.

Hank Kunneman

But Hank has stated the couple dated for a few years before marrying each other. Hank considers Brenda a soulmate who thinks just like him and always encourages him to push the boundaries.

Hank and Brenda are co-founders of their church One Voice Ministries and have kept the position of senior pastors in Lord of Hosts Church where Hank is the main pastor and sermon.

Brenda is also the founder of the website Daily Prophecy where you will get tons of motivational quotes and news about Christians and their faith.

Hank and Brenda have two lovely sons whose names are Matthew and Jonathan. Kunneman normally shares the family photo on his Instagram account which shows the family is quite happy and living together happily.

Apart from his wife and sons Hank also loves his dogs and has quite a lot in his household. Hank loves animals and has spent his earnings on the welfare of street animals which must be praised.


What is Hank Kunneman’s height & weight?

Hank Kunneman stands at the height of 5 ft 8 inches or 178 cm and weighs around 73 kg or 140 lbs. Kunneman has a body measurement of 43 inches and likes to wear shoe size 9 US.

Hank’s hair color is black whereas he has brown color eyes. Kunneman is tall, and lean but has a muscular body which shows he is highly active and loves to spend time on exercises.

Hank’s zodiac sign is Aquarius which shows his personality to be quite determined, confident, and able to get things done. In terms of nationality, Hank is American and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Kunneman follows Christianity to his core and has gone to Catholic school ever since he was a kid. Hank is a senior pastor and sermon of a church that provides faith to Christians all around the world.

Hank is quite private about his hobbies so he has not stated what he likes to do while he is free and away from his profession.

Net Worth

What is Hank Kunneman’s net worth?

Hank Kunneman is a very popular Pastor, Sermon, Author, and owner of Daystar Television. Kunneman is quite wealthy however he states he uses his wealth for the benefit of poor and needy people all over the world.

Hank’s primary sources of income are from his career as an author and the sales of his books and also from his TV programs, website, and his main profession as a Pastor and motivational speaker.

Kunneman directly has not revealed his actual income and how much money he makes but there is no doubt that he has made quite an earnings from his career.

Hank Kunneman

As of 2022, Hank Kunneman has a net worth of approximately $1 million. Kunneman has not revealed any specific details on his assets and properties however if you view his social media he lives a decently sophisticated life.


  • Hank and Brenda Kunneman have two sons named Matthew and Jonathan.
  • Kunneman has released a popular E-Book ” A Teacher’s Pet.
  • Hank has made a controversial statement that Joe Biden has stolen people’s souls.
  • Kunneman believes God wants Donald Trump to be the President of the USA.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about X:

Q: Is Hank Kunneman Christian?

A: Yes Hank Kunneman is a Christain and has been ever since he was a child, Kunneman went to Catholic school when he was a child and was even Baptized.

Q: Who is Brenda Kunneman?

A: Brenda Kunneman is the wife of Hank Kunneman and also is the senior pastor in the Lord of the Hosts Church. She is also the founder of One Voice Ministries.


Image Credit – @HankKunnemanInstagram

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