John Holmes: Career, Death, Net Worth, and Full Bio

John Holmes, born on August 8, 1944, was a famous American pornographic film actor.

He is well recognized for being one of the most prolific adult film actors, having performed in at least 573 films.

Today, we will be talking about John’s personal details such as his height, career, relationship, death, family, net worth, and even more.

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john holmes wiki

John Holmes Wiki ✅

Name John Holmes
Real Name John Curtis Holmes
Age 42 years old
Birthplace Ashville, Ohio, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Father Name Carl Estes
Mother Name Mary June (née Barton) Holmes
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse Laurie Rose
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Height 6 feet 3 inches or pounds
Weight 68 kg or pounds
Net Worth $1K
Profiles N/A

Early Life

Where was John Holmes born? John Holmes was born on August 8, 1944, and his hometown lies in  Ashville, Ohio, U.S.

We have no information about his educational background.

As a result, we are unable to comment at this time.

However, we will make sure to update it as soon as we receive any new information.

So, stay in touch with us!

When it comes to Holmes’ boyhood, he left home at the age of 15 and enrolled in the United States Army.

He served in the Signal Corps for most of his three years of military duty in West Germany.

Now, let’s take a look at  John Holmes’s career:



Before, getting into pornography, Holmes was a forklift driver at a meatpacking facility in neighboring Cudahy.

However, continuous exposure to the cold air in the enormous walk-in freezer after being outdoors inhaling the desert-hot air caused him serious health difficulties, culminating in a pneumothorax of his right lung on three times over the two years he worked there.

Adult movies star

Holmes began his profession while unemployed and recuperating from a lung collapse in the late 1960s.

He visited a Gardena men’s card club, where he supposedly met a photographer who offered Holmes his business card.

The photographer informed him that he might be able to get work in the underground adult film industry.

In 1969, Holmes began posing naked for underground sexual magazines, as well as the occasional ‘loop’ or’stag film.’

In 1971, Holmes’ career took off with a Bob Chinn-written and produced adult film series centered on a private detective named Johnny Wadd.

Holmes was believed to be earning up to $3,000 per day as a pornstar by the late 1970s.


Holmes was intimately affiliated with the Wonderland Gang, a group of heroin-addicted cocaine traffickers named for the rowhouse they operated out of on Wonderland Avenue in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon district.

He was a regular narcotics dealer for the group.

Ronnie Lee Launius, David Clay Lind, Joy Gold Miller, Billy DeVerell, and Tracy McCourt were among the gang’s members.

Four of the gang’s members were discovered killed and a fifth brutally assaulted in their rowhouse on July 1, 1981.

Holmes was supposedly there during the murders and left a left palm print on the headboard of one of the victims, although it is unclear if he was involved in the crimes.

Holmes was questioned but freed owing to a lack of evidence; he refused to participate in the inquiry.

Also, he was apprehended in Florida after fleeing with Schiller for nearly five months.

He was transported to Los Angeles and accused in March 1982 of personally perpetrating all four killings. On June 26, 1982, after a three-week trial, Holmes was cleared of all counts except contempt of court.


How did John Holmes die? 

Holmes died at the age of 43 from AIDS-related symptoms, which were listed on his death certificate as cardiorespiratory arrest and encephalopathy owing to AIDS, accompanied by lymphadenopathy and esophageal candidiasis.

According to his friends and relatives, he was deathly scared of hypodermic needles and never used them.

Despite being HIV positive, he continued to engage in unprotected sex for the sake of production and lied to the public about having colon cancer.

His ashes were strewn at sea off the coast of Oxnard, California, by his spouse Laurie and mother Mary.


Who was the wife of John Holmes?

John married his first wife Sharon Ann Gebenini at Fort Ord, California in 1965.

Sharon was a nurse by her profession. Sadly, the two separated and got divorced on October 19, 1984.

Also, Sharon died on October 28, 2012.

On the set of his movie Liquid Lips in 1975, he first met Julia St. Vincent.

However, Holmes and St. Vincent split up following the Wonderland murders in 1981.

Exhausted, an ersatz biographical film on Holmes’ life, was made by St. Vincent.

In 976, Holmes met and nurtured 15-year-old Dawn Schiller.

He battered and prostituted Schiller after succumbing to serious drug addiction.

When they were in Florida evading law enforcement after the Wonderland killings, she broke free and was convinced by her brother Wayne to turn Holmes into the authorities.

Laurie Rose, Holmes’ second wife, met him in 1982. In January 1987, they married. Rose was Holmes’ final companion before his death.

In an interview with the biographical feature documentary Exhausted: John C. Holmes, The Real Story, John confessed that he had slept with over 14000 women.

Talking about his children, he had none.


What was John Holmes’s height & weight?

John stood at the height of 6 feet 3 inches or cm.

As for his weight, he weighed around 68 kg or pounds.

Talking about his zodiac, he was Virgo.

He had black colored hair and dark brown colored eyes.

Regarding his nationality, he was an American and white by his ethnicity.

As for his religion, there is no information available.

However, we will make sure to update it for you as soon as we get any information.

So, keep an eye out for us!

Net Worth

What was John Holmes’s net worth? 

John had a pretty much successful career in the adult movie industry before he succumbed to his drug addiction.

His net worth was estimated to be $1K approximately.


  • John was married twice.
  • His real father’s name was Carl Estes.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about John Holmes:

Q: How old was John Holmes when he died?

A: John died at the age of 43 due to HIV.

Q: What was the net worth of John Holmes?

A: John had a net worth of around $1K when he was alive.


Check out the interview video of John Holmes down below:

Video Credit: @ MaynardG.Krebs YouTube

Image Credit: Google Photos

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