Moosa Mostafa Religion, Age, Parents, Career, Net Worth and Full Bio

Moosa Mostafa has risen to fame with the release of the 2022 horror-comedy series “Wednesday”.

Though this is not his debut in the industry, many people were unaware of this young actor before the Wednesday series. With the character of “Eugines Otinger”, Mostfa has been successful to create a name for himself in the Industry.

And in this article, we are going to take a look at Moosa Mostafa’s Career, wiki, height, net worth, relationship status, and full biography.

So, let’s get started:

Who is Moosa Mostafa?

Moosa Mostafa is a popular British child actor who is best known for playing the character of Eugine Otinger on the TV series ‘Wednesday’.

The 13-year-old British actor has acted in some incredible movies such as Nativity Rocks and The Last Bus but he has gained mass attention from his fans due to his acting and performance on the TV series Wednesday which became a huge hit worldwide.

Despite the barrage of high praises from various industry experts Mostafa has yet to win any significant award however if he continues this momentum then down the road there is a high chance of Moosa winning everything prestigious in the acting field.

After his popularity started to go up, Moosa is also gathering the same momentum on social media. The young actor already has over 125,000 followers on Instagram.

Quick Bio

Name Moosa Mostafa
Real Name Moosa Mostafa
Age 13 years old
Birthplace London, UK
Nationality English
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Aries
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Girlfriend N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 4 ft 5 inches or 134 cm
Weight 43 kg or  94 lb
Net Worth $50,000 to $100k (approximately)
Profiles Instagram

Moosa Mostafa’s Height & Weight

Moosa Mostafa is currently just 4 ft 5 inches or 134 cm tall and weighs around 43 kg or  94lb.

There is not much information on his body measurements of Mostafa however he does like to wear shoe size 5 UK.

Moosa has quite a small stature but has curly black hair and black eyes.

Mostafa has already started wearing specs which imply he has had weak eyesight ever since his birth.

Moosa Mostafa Height and Weight

Generally, weak eyesight is a genetic weakness so either his father or mother also must have weak eyesight and have to wear specs.

Moosa Mostafa is American in terms of nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. Mostafa follows Muslim as his religion however he was born and raised in England.

Mostafa’s parents may have migrated from some Islamic countries before he was born.

Moosa’s zodiac sign is Aries which explains his personality to be very creative, happy, and able to make lots of friends.

Although Moosa is really busy with acting and studying he also likes to have some fun.

Some of the hobbies Moosa has are Travelling, watching movies, animes and eating various foods.

Moosa Mostafa’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Moosa Mostafa’s net worth is approximately $50,000 to $100,000. Moosa Mostafa is an inspiring young child actor who has mainly become famous from his latest Netflix show “Wednesday”.

Moosa Mostafa Net Worth

Since Mostafa is just at the start of his career he might not have charged many earnings for his role.

However, his reputation is growing really nicely and people are loving his exceptional acting so his net worth will definitely increase in the future.

Moosa Mostafa

There is not much information on how much Moosa has made from his earnings to date.

Who is Moosa Mostafa dating?

Moosa Mostafa is currently single and is not dating anyone. Since he is just 13 years old he is still too young to date anyone.

Currently, Moosa is just focused on his education and career so he might not be really focused on his love life.

He is still very young so there is plenty of days ahead of him to find the right partner.

Moosa has tons of friends, especially from his series “Wednesday”. He seems very close to the actress Emma Myers.

They are most likely very close friends and have tons of fun together.

When Moosa grows older and reveals his partner we will surely update this article for all of his fans.

Early Life

Where was Moosa Mustafa born?

Moosa Mustafa was born in London, UK in 2009 which implies he is just 12-13 years old as of 2022. Mustafa was born to Muslim parents, but their names and identities are currently unknown.

Moosa Mostafa Date of Birth

There is also no information on whether Moosa has any siblings or not.

Moosa is not much of a sharer on social media however he is still a young boy so it is understandable why he might want to keep his life private.

As Mostafa is just 13 years old he might be in an elementary school and is focused on his school.

Moosa has not revealed which schools he goes to or is taking private tutoring since he is still acting.

Since Moosa started acting when he was just eight years old, we can clearly understand it’s his passion and only dream.

Moosa Mostafa Facts

Moosa got his first acting career in 2019 and in 2022 he started to become a star.


⭐️ 8.3 IMDb
The Last Bus
The Last Bus
⭐️ 5.2 IMDb
Nativity Rocks
Nativity Rocks!
⭐️ 4.3 IMDb



When Moosa was just in school he caught the eye of a very talented director and author Debbie Isitt.

Debbie offered Moosa to play the child actor role in the upcoming movie Nativity Rocks which was scheduled to be released in 2018.

At first, Moosa and his parents were quite hesitant however it was an exciting opportunity that Moosa always wanted so they decided to give it a chance.

Moosa played the role of a young boy in the show which became quite popular however Mostafa did not get much response to his acting as it was quite short.

But it did motivate him to pursue a career in acting so he decided to prepare for it by joining acting classes.

Moosa only returned to the big screen in 2022 with the show “The Last Bus” which was a sci-fi comedy show.

In the show school kids who are not fond of each other unite to take an AI or robot.

The movie got quite a good reception and so did Moosa despite appearing for just the last ten episodes of the show.

However, Moosa’s big break was still yet to come and it finally did in October 2022.


Recently Moosa Mostafa has been seen on the silver screen performing in the fantasy-based TV show titled “Wednesday” in the role of Eugine Otinger.

Moosa Mostafa

On the show, Moosa is part of the main character who has the power to control bees.

However, is not been credited on every episode but only on where he makes his appearance.

Wednesday was recently released on November 23, 2022, and has already been popular among various TV shows and horror genre fans all over the world.

Wednesday is the show based on Adam’s family member Wednesday Adams and just like the iconic show, people can expect a mixture of comedy and horror from the show.

The very talented Jenna Ortega is in the lead role of Wednesday Adam in this series.

Moosa is still in the supporting role along with some of the best acting talents such as Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Isaac Ordonez, and more.

Directors of the show Wednesday have already confirmed it will have five seasons and fans can expect chills and thrills from the show as will be pure entertainment.

As the Adams family was one of the best shows directors and actors must be careful not to dilute them which may bring massive backlash to the show itself.

In the first couple of episodes that aired in the show, Moosa impressed his many fans but he still is young so people must keep their expectations in check.

Apart from Wednesday, Moosa has not revealed his next project and once he reveals it we will surely update it here.


Moosa is a very talented young actor who has recently started to build his career. Hence there are no scandals or controversies that he is involved in.

We hope that when he grows up to become a fine actor, he remains away from any media scandals and becomes one of the best actors in the world.

Social Media

Moosa Mostafa has started to gather fans not only in real life but also in social media.

However, Mostafa is only active on Instagram and has not even created other social media accounts.

But Moosa does not share much on his Instagram account as he only has five posts.

Currently, Moosa Mostafa has over 133k followers as most of them are his huge fans from the show “Wednesday”.


  • Moosa Mostafa’s first movie was Nativity Rocks which he performed when he was just eight years old.
  • Mostafa is currently playing the role of Eugine Otinger in the Netflix show “Wednesday”.
  • Moosa is from the Muslim religion however he was born in London, England.
  • Mostafa’s zodiac sign is Aries.
  • Moosa is extremely fond of Swimming.
  • Mostafa only has an Instagram account in terms of social media.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Moosa Mostafa:

Q: What is the height and weight of Moosa Mostafa?

A: Moosa Mostafa has a height of 4 ft 5 inches or 134 cm tall and weighs around 43 kg or  94 lb. Mostafa likes to wear shoes in size 5 UK.

Q: What is Moosa Mostafa’s net worth?

A: Mostafa’s net worth is approximately $50,000 to $100,000 as of 2022. He has earned the majority of his income from his new acting career.

Q: How many films have Moosa Mostafa acted in?

A: Moosa Mostafa has currently acted in three movies. They are Nativity Rocks, The Last Bus, and very recently Wednesday.


Image Credit: @Moosa_Mostafa


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