Top 5 Best Prank YouTube Channels in 2023

Pranks and practical jokes have been a form of entertainment for centuries, but in recent years, the rise of YouTube has taken these antics to a whole new level.

With millions of viewers tuning in to watch their favorite pranksters, these YouTubers have become stars in their own right.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 new prankster YouTubers who have gained popularity in recent years. From outrageous stunts to hidden camera pranks, these YouTubers are sure to keep you entertained and laughing. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with these top new pranksters on YouTube.

Steven Schapiro

Steven Schapiro is an American prankster with over 1.84 million subscribers. He is best known for creating social experiments and prank videos on his self-titled youtube channel where he has gained 463 million views.

Schapiro often makes prank videos including strangers in public places such as “Laughing Prank”, “Proposing Strangers” and  “Escalator Pranks”.

Most viewed video: “Holding Hands With Strangers Across The Street!!” (11m views)

Joined Date: Sep 4, 2016

Channel Link: Steven Schapiro


NELK is a Canadian-American prankster group that has been creating videos since 2010. They gained popularity in recent years with their pranks, stunts, and social experiments. They often push the limits with their pranks, including pretending to be drug dealers and staging fake arrests.

Most viewed video: Coke Prank on Cops (49m views)

Joined date: Jul 6, 2010

Channel Link: NELK

Just For Laughs Gags

Just For Laughs Gags is a Canadian prankster group that has been creating videos since 2000. They are known for their hidden camera pranks, which often involve unsuspecting victims in public places. The show is based on the American series Candid Camera and it premiered on December 26, 2000, on the French Canadian network Canal D.

Most viewed video: Panty Thief (112m views)

Joined date: Jan 14, 2007

Channel Link: Just For Laughs Gags


Shammi is an Australian prankster best known for his social experiment and pranks videos. He uploads content such as “Holding stranger’s hand in public” and “How to piss off your mates”.

His funny and sometimes over-the-top prank videos have gained him 1.27 million subscribers and 264 million views.

Most viewed video: How to piss your mates off! pt3(25m views)

Joined date: Mar 26, 2014

Channel Link: Shammi


TheDailyDropout is a comedic Youtube channel with 3.71 million subscribers that is best known for picking up random strangers. The channel uploads content such as “telling random strangers: I like your body” and “Awkward phone calls on the Escalator”.

Most viewed video:  SITTING ON STRANGERS BEACH TOWELS IN MEXICO!! (34m views)

Joined date:  Aug 8, 2017

Channel Link: The Daily Dropout


In conclusion, the rise of prankster YouTubers has taken the platform by storm, providing millions of viewers with endless hours of entertainment.

These pranksters have proven themselves to be inventive, creative, and often controversial, pushing the boundaries with their outrageous stunts and hidden camera pranks.

Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying the popularity and impact that they have had on YouTube and social media as a whole.

So if you’re in need of a good laugh, be sure to check out these top 10 new prankster YouTubers and their hilarious antics.

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