Sergei Petrove Update: What happened to homeless guy from Invisible Video

Sergei Petrove is a unique name and you might not be familiar with who he is if you have not seen the interview of “The Invisible People. He was the homeless boy who was evicted by his mother who was an alcoholic. So many people want to know Sergei Petrove Update and what he is up to in 2022.

Sergei Petrove

After doing some research and taking notes on his social media we have found that Sergei is doing quite well and is living a very happy life.

So if you want to know more about Sergei Petrove’s update in 2022 then you have come to the right place. Along with his update, we will provide you with his short biography including his career, relationship, and net worth.

So without any more delay let’s begin.

Sergei Petrove Update

Sergei Petrove was a homeless guy who gave an interview in the show “The invisible people” claiming he was evicted by an alcoholic mother and was homeless at the time.

Sergei was residing in Salt Lake Utah and had recently come from a rehabilitation program for troubled youth.

In an interview, Sergei explained that he was 18 years old and his mother asked him to find his own home since he is all grown up now and she can’t take care of him now.

Currently, Sergei Petrove is very happy and healthy in his life and is doing big things.  He is residing in California and looks really healthy and happy.

In his Instagram account, we can see Petrove loves visiting the gym, traveling, and making money from his ventures. After nine years of the interview, Sergei is no longer homeless, has completed high school, and is very happy and at peace.

Although Sergei is having time of his life, there is no information on if his relationship with his mother is also patched up. We searched on social media but there is no information about his mother’s update.

Currently, Sergei Petrove is residing in California which was always his dream.

Early Life

Where was Sergei Petrove born?

Sergei Petrove’s birthplace and birthdate are currently unknown. Petrove is not a huge celebrity so the media have not decided to find out more about his early life.

Furthermore, Sergei himself also has not given any interviews regarding his life and how he grew up. There is no doubt Sergei grew up in a poor family since his mother had to kick him out on his 18th birthday.

In terms of education, there is no indication that Sergei got a decent education in his childhood. There is also no indication that Petrove went to any school or college.

Lack of education may have impacted Sergei Petrove’s quality of life in the beginning but in the end, it seems everything turned out to be fine.

Now, let’s take a look at  what Sergei Petrove does for a living


Instagram Star

There is no definitive answer to what Sergei Petrove’s career is as of 2022. However, we can see that he is making moves on Instagram and has gathered over 5k followers.

Sergei is very passionate about gym and training and has given lots of tricks and tips on bodybuilding. Petrove also looks extremely well-physiqued body builder which shows he likes to spend time in the gym.

Gym Trainer

There is also no doubt Sergei is some kind of gym trainer or body enthusiast. He has shared lots of bodybuilding techniques, and nutrition management techniques that are helpful for people going gym for bodybuilding.

Petrove spends quite a time of his day in the gym so there is no doubt he likes to train young people to lose weight and make a proper body physique.


After the release of the viral video, Sergei received quite sympathy from the general public. There is no information on how he turned his life around so many people discuss some conspiracy theory that Sergei has got mixed up with the wrong guys.

Some trolls in his comments also point out that he may have been breaking some rules or laws to earn money however there is no proof.

We can confidently claim that Sergei Petrove has not been involved with any controversy after the interview till now.


Who is Sergei Petrove dating?

It seems like Sergei Petrove is currently single and is not dating anyone. We have done tons of research and have even looked at his social media but there is no indication that he is involved in romantic relationships with anyone.

Although Petrove is not a celebrity he might want to keep things private about his love life. It is strange that there is not a single female friend, colleague, or any person on his social media which indicates how serious Sergei is related to his privacy.

Although Sergei does not have any children he surely does have a female pet dog who he loves dearly.

Sergei Petrove Pet

If any information on Sergei’s love life or his partner becomes available in the future we will surely update you about it.

Net Worth

What is Sergei Petrove’s net worth?

Since there is no accurate and relevant information on Sergei’s career and his earnings it is very hard to pinpoint his actual net worth of him.

Sergei Petrove Update

However, there is no doubt that Sergei has completely turned his life around and has been living the best days of his life. Petrove seems like he is making enough money to spend and live happily.

If he is working as a gym trainer then his salary may be around $5000 to $10,000 per month. Since he is residing in California which is quite an expensive place we can assume Sergei is financially secure and is doing bits for himself.


  • Sergei was kicked out of his house on his 18th birthday.
  • Petrove has a dog which he has shown on his Instagram.
  • Sergei is extremely fond of nutritious food.
  • Petrove came from a wilderness program for troubled children.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Sergei Petrove:

Q: Is Sergei Petrove still homeless?

A: No Sergei Petrove is not homeless at present. In fact, he lives in California and is very healthy and happy.

Q: Who is Sergei Petrove’s girlfriend?

A: Sergei Petrove is quite a private person so he has not shared about his love life.


Image Credit: @SergeiPetroveInstagram

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