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Simon Whistler is a famous British author, host, and YouTube personality. He is popular for hosting The Brain Food Show and producing YouTube content like Into the Shadows, Brain Blaze, Xplrd, Top Tenz, and many more.

Whistler has seen all the glory days of becoming very famous and also the days when he was wrapped in a major controversy. However, his never give up attitude has inspired many people all around the world who are still his fans and admirers.

Simon Whistler

The ‘simonwhistler’ is his official account where Simon has 19.4k followers. Furthermore, He has 49.9k followers on his Twitter account and 28.7k subscribers on his YouTube account.

In this article, we will cover Simon Whistler’s net worth, measurements, relationship status, career, trivia, and many more.

So, let’s get started:

Quick Bio

Name Simon Whistler
Real Name Simon Whistler
Date of Birth May 15, 1987
Place of Birth South-east England
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Profession Author, host, and YouTube personality
Channels Top Tenz
Total Subscribers 1.8 million
Height 1.98 m or 6 feet 5 inches
Weight 58 kg or 128 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Net Worth $5 million
Profiles  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Website


What is Simon Whistler’s height & weight?

Simon’s height is 1.98 m or 6 feet 5 inches tall. The weight of Whistler is about 58 kg or 128 lbs. He has a pretty good body physique with a lean body.

Simon has brown colored hair and light brown eyes. Furthermore, his zodiac sign of Simon is Taurus.

Simon has a lean and thin body and is half bald and loves to wear glasses. He has a large beard which makes him look quite comedic.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Simon Whistler’s net worth is approximately $ 5 million. Simon Whistler has developed his career and has earned tons of money as an author, host, and YouTube personality and model, which aids his earnings.

Simon Whistler Net Worth

He has earned this money through YouTube content, vlogs, production works, writing, and many other sources

He earns his income from writing, producing, hosting, etc. Simon also receives various sponsorship for his YouTube channel which aids his earning

Early Life

Where was Simon Whistler born?

Simon Whistler was born on May 15, 1987, in Southeast England. He is currently 35 years old as of 2022. The information about Whistler’s parents is unknown.

We also do not know if he has any siblings or not. Regarding education qualification, Simon has completed his university education.

We do not know any details about his high school but he has completed his undergraduate with a degree in business BA. Later he went on to study law and completed the course with a postgrad law diploma PGDL.

There is not much information that can highlight the early life of Simon Whistler. With our research, we can conclude that Simon is not fond of releasing his personal information.

Now, let’s take a look at  Simon Whistler’s career:


The rise of Simon Whistler

After completing his studies, Simon worked abroad for one year. He used to work as a freelance voice-over artist and podcast host. At the age of 28, he started his first YouTube channel named Top Tenz, and the next channel Today I Found Out. These channels crossed 1 million subscribers in no time.

Simon then created many other channels like Side Projects, Brain Blaze, The Casual Criminalist, Highlight History, and many more.

Simon travels around the world creating vlogs, documenting his experiences, and sharing with the audience. He has created various YouTube channels for various purposes.

He creates various content for his channels like education, comedy, leadership, traveling, vlogging, and many more. Due to the variety of content, he is one of the most popular YouTubers.

At the beginning of his career, Whistler struggled a lot. He did not have an audience only very few of them at the beginning but he was admired for his speaking skills and narrative abilities.

YouTube career

Simon Whistler Career

But today, he has many YouTube channels with millions of subscribers. He created his first YouTube channel named Top Tenz on Feb 3, 2010, but it was not doing well at the beginning. But currently, he has amassed more than 6.9 billion views on the channel.

He posts various top 10 subjects on this channel covering all the areas. Some of the popular videos on this channel are ’10 High Profile Yet Ridiculous Lawsuit Threats’, ’10 People Whose Bodies Were Never Retrieved’, ’10 Mysterious People Who (Supposedly) Appeared Out of Nowhere’, ’10 People Who Made a Deal with the Devil’, 10 World War II Myths That You Believe Because of Hollywood’ and many more.

Simon created his second YouTube channel on Oct 14, 2011. This channel is also popular and currently has amassed more than 6.1 billion views.

On this channel, he posts videos about the new and interesting things that Simon finds. Some of his popular videos are ‘Can You Dissolve a Human Body in Acid Like in Breaking Bad?’, ‘Is There an Area of the United States Where You Can Get Away with Murder?’, ‘How Vladimir Putin Came to Power’, ‘How Do We Know We Landed on the Moon?’ and many more.

Second YouTube channel

He has other YouTube channels also like Highlight History to cover interesting historical events, Business Blaze to provide brands and invention-related topics, Megaprojects, and other channels as well.

Simon also runs several podcasts, and merchandise lines, and has had his work featured on television and in print.

Hence this is how Simon Whistler became one of the most popular celebrity YouTubers not only in the USA but around the world.


Who is Simon Whistler dating?

Simon is dating someone which is clear from his social media however he has not revealed the name of his beloved.

There are several rumors that he is even married but some might also say that he has a child. But he has indeed been dating a beautiful woman.

There are rumors that the woman is from the Czech Republic and he met her during his work in Sri Lanka. Whistler is currently living in the Czech Republic and most of them believe that he is married and settled in that country.

There have also been some rumors about Whistler living in Prague with his wife and young daughter. Whistler himself has never revealed any information on his love life as he is a very private person.


Simon has not been around the center of any controversy. But a YouTube channel named as Rusty Cage wrote and sang the song for Simon named The Fall of Simon Whistler. Check out the song by clicking the link.

In the song, it claims that Simon’s downfall has come and he will lose everything. This song has expressed bizarre hatred for Simon.

Simon has not responded in any way about the said song to date.

Social Media:

Simon Whistler is available on social media. He has an Instagram account named ‘simonwhistler’. He has 19.4k followers on his Instagram account.

You can also find Simon on Twitter. His account goes by the name @SimonWhistler and it has about 49.9k followers.

Simon has several YouTube channels. He has a channel in his name Simon Whistler with 28.7k subscribers. The next YouTube channel of Whistler is Top Tenz.

He has 1.94 million subscribers on this channel. Another popular YouTube channel Simon is Today I Found Out where he has about 2.97 million subscribers.

Some minor YouTube channels of Simon are Brain Blaze with 313k subscribers, Highlight History with 203k subscribers, Side projects with 497k subscribers, Megaprojects with 803k subscribers, Geographics with 911k subscribers, and Biographics with 2.15 million subscribers.

In terms of his Instagram, Simon Whistler has 19.4k followers.


  • Simon has done post-graduation in Business BA and graduation in Law.
  • He loves traveling to his home country England
  • Whistler receives many sponsorships but he makes sure that he promotes only useful products or services
  • He started his YouTube channel during his college days.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Simon Whistler:

Q: How many YouTube channels does Simon have?

A: Simon has several YouTube channels. Each channel serves a different purpose and has different content. He has Top Tenz Channel where he lists 10 ten interesting facts, In the “Today I found out” channel, he posts videos about the new and interesting things that Simon finds, in Highlight History, he covers interesting historical events, in Business Blaze he provides brands and inventions related topic. He also has channels like Megaprojects, Sideprojects, Biographics, and many more

Q: How old is the YouTuber Simon Whistler?

A: Simon Whistler is currently 35 years old as he was born on May 15, 1987, in Southeast England. The family details of Whistler are unknown. He is currently living in the Czech Republic

Q: Did Simon Whistler die in 2005?

A:  No Simon Whistler a YouTuber is alive and living his life in the Czech Republic. Another Simon Whistler who is a musician died in 2005 which many people tend to confuse with the YouTube star.


Image Credit: @SimonWhistler Instagram

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