Tom Misner Wiki: Yacht, Age, Company, Net Worth and Full Bio


Tom Misner is a very famous sound engineer, guitarist, music composer, producer, and businessman who has contributed over two decades of his life to music around the world.

Misner is particularly popular for founding the SAE institute which is a music school for anyone who wants to learn music, instruments, and sound engineering and follow a career in the path of music and songs.

Tom Misner

Apart from SAE, Tom Misner is also the brain behind the acquisition of Studio 31 which is significant for music lovers around the world.

Quick Bio

Name Tom Misner
Real Name Tom Misner
Date of Birth 1955
Place of Birth Zagreb, Yugoslavia
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Profession Businessman
Channels N/A
Total Subscribers N/A
Height 5 feet 7 inches or 176 cm
Weight 76 kg or 156 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign N/A
Net Worth $350 million
Profiles Instagram


What is Tom Misner’s height & weight?

Tom Misner still looks good and happy despite being over 65 years old. Misner stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches or 176 cm and weighs about 76 kg or 156 lbs.

There is no information on Misner’s body measurement and his shoe size but his zodiac sign is also unknown since his exact birthday is not available at the moment.

Tom Misner is American in terms of nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity and he follows Christianity as his religion.

Misner has white color bald hair and his eyes color are blue. Tom himself has not stated much about his hobbies or interest however he is a very passionate music lover and loves listening to jazz and blues music.


Who is Bobby Misner married to?

Tom Misner is married and dating his love Kathy Falls. There is no information on when Tom and Kathy first met each other however after dating each other for almost four to five years and got married in 1976.

Tom and Kathy have two children a son named Robert Bobby Misner and a daughter named Yasmin Misner. Robert Misner is a very popular YouTuber and businessman who got into trouble by posing as a homeless person for three days however he soon realized it was a mistake.

Tom Misner with Bobby Misner

Tom’s daughter Yasmin is not a celebrity and lives a quiet life and her social media is also private which shows she has no intention of being famous or followed by fans and media.

Net Worth

Tom Misner is a very popular guitarist, music composer, and sound engineer. Misner is currently the owner of SAE Institute and Studio 31 which is his main source of income. Tom Misner has an estimated net worth of $350 million as of 2023.

Tom Misner

Even before becoming a multi-millionaire, Tom Misner was a businessman and started his own contract cleaning company.

Although Tom has not revealed how much he has made from his each business empire there is no doubt he has become the pioneer of music and sound engineering in Australia and the rest of the world.

Apart from all his amazing houses, cars, and jets the most impressive asset of Tom Misner is his Yacht which is 45 meters long. The yacht holds songwriting competitions among many talented writers and musicians and even the likes of the Jonas Brothers have participated once.

Early Life

Where was Tom Misner born?

Tom Misner is currently 68 years old as he was born in 1955 in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. There is not much information regarding his parents however he has revealed that Misner migrated to Australia with his mother when he was just fourteen years old.

After moving to Australia, Tom’s mother started working in a restaurant and soon enough she became quite successful so she decided to open her restaurant.

Tom’s mother admitted him to a local primary school however Tom was not interested in his studies but instead wanted to help his mother in restaurants soon enough he dropped out of school but his mother became quite a successful restauranter.

After seeing how hardworking and ruthless his mother was in her business Tom already had a blueprint to become a successful businessman.

However, he had to start somewhere so when he was mature he opened a contract cleaning business that takes orders for cleaning houses, yards, garages, and even streets.

When he was growing up, Tom was a passionate fan of music so later down the road he collided his passion for music and his hunger for being a businessman which turned out to be an excellent decision for his career.

Now, let’s take a look at  Tom Misner’s career:


Tom Misner always had a passion for music and composing however he did dream of becoming a singer when he was in the initial stage of his career.

Tom Misner

However, at first, he did not immediately become a global music engineer and instead used to operate different ventures mostly a contract cleaning company with his wife.

The company was very successful so he decided to invest his wealth in the venture that he loved the most.

In  1976, He established the world’s most creative and largest media organization to give freedom and help to aspiring new musicians in the world and named it SAE Institute.

At first Misner, himself was a sound engineer, and record producer but later delegated his role and only became one of the most successful businessmen for over two decades.

Misner has been investing in and encouraging music genres and upcoming new artists who are talented and blessed with the gift of singing and music.

Tom has also contributed to music quite differently by rescuing AMS Neve in 2005 and also acquiring and improving a very popular and vintage Studio 301.

Since he was a talented musician, sound producer, engineer, and also a fan, Tom Miser is directly or indirectly involved in over 100 quality albums produced and released over a decade. Miser was the brains behind the evolution of the Australian Music industry.

Due to his amazing contribution to the music industry from SAE and Studio 301, Tom Miser is still considered very underrated in the industry of music however that does not halter him as he is still determined and confident to improve the music industry worldwide.


Unethical money

Tom Misner is a catalyst for the development of sound and music mostly in Australia. Many people are convinced that Tom is very underrated in the field of music however Tom himself has acknowledged he had to leave ethics in his home if he had to be successful.

In his official autobiography, Tom Misner has claimed that”The thing about starting a business in those days, even now, is if you do everything correctly you go broke”. Some of the misdemeanors that Tom was involved in were:

  • Accepting stolen goods.
  • Not keeping financial records of receipt to avoid taxes.
  • Keep moving houses and not paying due rent.
  • Not paying taxes until audit.
  • Using pre-graduation students as teachers to avoid giving salary etc.

After some sort of confession of Tom Misner, many people urged him to be arrested and taken to court however according to the rule the crime was committed a long time ago.

Tom has now changed his life for the benefit of people and giving his absolute best in the music industry around the world.

Bobby Misner

Although Tom Misner is not involved in any controversy or scandals however Tom has had to bear some headaches due to his son Bobby Misner.

Bobby Misner is very talented however he comes from one of those spoilt boys from the rich parent categories as he did not have to work a day for any dime since his father was a multi-millionaire already.

Naturally, Bobby has some kind of ego and often states himself as the “Icon to the Rich Kids”. He is attracted to fast cars, and hot girls and often has been pictured partying and having fun with his friends.

However, Tom wants his son to take his legacy forward and become a gentleman so he enrolled Bobby in Millfield School in Somerset. Tom had very high hopes for his son but the school decided to expel Bobby even before he graduated.

Tom wanted his son Bobby to work like a natural man in Abbey Road Studios however Tom had a different idea and instead decided to start his own clothing label but on his father’s investment and named it Rich Misfits.

Bobby started to post on YouTube however his method was quite different as he will showboating and flaunting his money on social media which made the media and many people angry with him.

However, Bobby always claimed he was a simple boy but the media always portrayed him as a Spoiled Brat.

While talking about his father Bobby still idolizes his father however he does not like slow and hard work ways of making money instead, he wants fast-paced life which often leads him to trouble and consequentially also troubles his father Tom Misner.


  • Tom Misner was awarded a doctorate certificate by Middlesex University.
  • Misner has admitted in his autobiography he had to be dishonest to become successful.
  • Tom Misner has a net worth of approximately $350 million.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Tom Misner:

Q: When did Tom Misner launch SAE Institute?

A: Tom Misner established SAE in 1976 in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and other parts of Australia.

Q: Who is Bobby Misner?

A: Bobby Misner is the son of Tom Misner and is a popular YouTuber and businessman as well.

Q: Where was Tom Misner born?

A: Tom Misner was born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia but moved to Australia with his mother when he was 14 years old.


Image Credit – @TomMisner 


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