TSU Surf Wiki: Net Worth, Songs, Music, Age, Scandal and Full Bio

TSU Surf is a very popular battle rapper in the USA and all over the world who became famous for his amazing diss and puns in the words to outwit his opponent. Surf’s real name is Rahjon Cox however many of his fans and the music industry recognizes him with the name “TSU SURF”

TSU Surf

Surf became mainly famous for his performances in SMACK URL programs where battle rapping is the goal to become a winner. Furthermore, Tsu is also equally famous for his rap music.

Some of the amazing songs of TSU are What Changed, Quarantine Tales, Cold Winters, Answers, and Nana Club.

So if you are also a fan of this legendary battle rapper and listen to all his music but want to learn more about his amazing career then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will get to know a lot about Surf and how he became one of the iconic battle rappers. Hence let’s begin.

TSU Surf Wiki ✅

Name TSU Surf
Real Name Rahjon Cox
Age 32 years old
Birthplace Newark, New Jersey, New York
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Spouse N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 5 ft 10 inches or 180 cm
Weight 75 kg or 165 lbs
Net Worth $900k
Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Early Life

Where was TSU Surf born?

TSU Surf’s real name is Rahjon Cox who was born in Newark, New Jersey on 15th January 1990. Surf is currently 32 years old as of 2022.

TSU Surf

Cox has not revealed his early life however there is no doubt that he was hooked on rap and hip-hop music when he was a very young kid. When he was a teenager, TSU created his new rap name and started visiting battle rapping events where he was very talented and really good.

When TSU was in his 20’s he was already battle rapping and was also getting slightly recognized but he was still yet to make a name as a hip-hop artist.

Now, let’s take a look at  TSU Surf’s career:


Battle Rapping

Ever since his younger days, Tsu Surf has been listening to rappers however he did not know much about Rap Battle. Once he went to the club where battle rap took place which motivated him instantly to join the program.

Hence he started writing rap battling and also registered to battle, someone. Surf started rap battle in 2012 and within the year he started to become quite a popular name in the Rap Battle industry.

When he started getting momentum Cox changed his name to TSU SURF which became a more popular name in the days coming forward. After making his name as a battle artist, SURF showcased his music knowledge when he featured Kevin Durant in the musical track titled “Want I”.

Want I became quite popular in the rap industry however SURF did not change his style to music and instead kept on battle rapping till 2019.

Among his best rap battle, one of the best was when he battled another legendary battle rapper “Hollow da Don” in SMACK/URL N.O.M.E 3.

In 2013, Tsu also released a new mixtape Tsu Me which became very popular in the underground rap and drill industry further making Surf’s name even more popular.

After two years of battle rapping, Surf decided to release another mixtape which was titled “Garden Grills” which was released in 2015. When Garden Grills became super popular he was motivated to release another mixtape “Newark”.

Many music industry experts were thoroughly impressed by his music, songs, and lyrics, and after these mixtapes, TSU was ultimately crowned as one of the most talented hip-hop artists by many fans worldwide.

Music Albums

After battle rapping for almost a decade, TSU left the rap battle scene and decided to become a full-time musician and rapper. In 2019 Surf released his first-ever studio album titled “Seven25”.

His album was responded to by overwhelming excitement and positivity from many music fans all over the world and it even debuted at number 2 on iTunes and Spotify and also on the 29th position on the billboard.

The surf was now even more motivated to release some extra music and released a new album titled “Blood Cuzzins” along with another rapper Mozzy.

TSU’s skill in rapping, rhyming, flow, and storytelling was phenomenal in the album which became even more popular than the previous one. The fans also like the fact that the album had 14 songs featuring the likes of many top hip-hop artists such as Stacy Barthe, Don Q, Teejay3k, DCMBR, and Baby Face Gunna.

A year later, TSU Surf released another amazing album which was titled MSYKM and the album single “Quarantine Tales” became a massive hit as it gained over 1 million views on YouTube along with almost every positive comment.

Host and Commentator

Despite leaving the battle rapping platform Surf did not leave SMACK/URL completely as he became a battle rapping organizer, host, commentator, and even judge.

TSU released a new album “Until Further Notice” in 2021 however it was a little underwhelming that his previous both albums but it still did decent business in the hip-hop rap industry.


Federal Rico case

In October 2022, TSU Surf was arrested from his home by federal authorities in the official Federal Rico case.

The operation was carried out by the joint forces of The New York /New Jersey Marshall service who tactically organized the mission to arrest Cox from his home in Jersey City.

For over a week TSU did not have an authorized lawyer so his case was pending in the federal court and the spokesperson stated to “Fox5ny.com” that only when TSU gets a lawyer the case hearing will move forward.

The case is still lingering in the court and when he gets a new lawyer only then will his case will move forward. There is still no update on the case as of now and the only thing that is known is that TSU is still in federal custody.

Once more information will get released we will surely update it.

Near Death Experience

Another major controversy or incident that TSU was involved was nearly a lethal one. In 2015, after visiting from somewhere, TSU was ambushed in his car and was shot five times.

After the incident, he had to go through several surgeries and was in the hospital for almost six months after which he was discharged.

TSU has revealed the incident but has not revealed the details of who shot him and why he was shot.


Who is TSU Surf dating?

TSU Surf is probably currently single and probably has not been dating or seeing anyone as of now. Surf is still extremely focused on his career and his music as he has not revealed any details of having a girlfriend or dating anyone.

However, he did have a girlfriend before whose name has not been revealed however she was on his social media most of the time. TSU started getting busy with his career and spent most of his time in studios which made her very angry.

In one Instagram life started by TSU, the girlfriend came and berated him for not staying with her. TSU could only laugh at the outburst and even apologized however the damage was already done and eventually, the couple broke up.

TSU also does not have any children to date as he has not revealed about it. If TSU reveals his new girlfriend and child then we will surely update you about it.


What is TSU Surf’s height & weight?

TSU Surf stands at the height of 5 ft 10 inches or 180 cm and weighs about 75 kg or 165 lbs. Surf has body measurements of 44-32-38 inches and wears shoe size 12 US.

Surf has black color eyes and his hair is also black in color. TSU’s zodiac sign is Capricorn which explains his character to be creative, independent, and very confident.

In terms of nationality, TSU is American and belongs to mixed ethnicity, and follows Christianity as his religion.

Apart from music and rap, TSU is also very passionate about movies, traveling, and club as he has been often seeing and having fun in various clubs in LA.

Net Worth

What is TSU Surf’s net worth?

TSU Surf is a very popular rapper, hip-hop artist, and entrepreneur. His main source of income is from his album sales and records distribution. Since TSU has tons of very successful music and albums he has definitely made quite an earnings.

Furthermore, Tsu has also got his income from various concerts, shows, and tours along with other record dealings and merchandising.

TSU Surf

Surf really embraces his riches and likes to showcase them on his social media, especially on his Instagram account.

As of 2022, TSU Surf’s net worth is approximately $900,000.


  • TSU Surf’s real name is Rahjon Cox.
  • Surf was hospitalized after getting shot five times in a car.
  • TSU Surf once had a public dispute with his girlfriend on his Instagram live.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about TSU Surf:

Q: Is TSU Surf a battle rapper?

A: Yes TSU Surf came from a battle-rapping background and was under the SMACK/URL NOMES agency that launches battle-rapping events.

Q: What is TSU’s Instagram handle?

A: TSU has a very interesting Instagram handle in @EvilDrake.



Image Credit: @EvilDrake Instagram

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