Harald Baldr Wiki 2023: Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth and Full Biography


Heraldo Baldieri, better known as Harald Baldr is a Norwegian travel video creator, best known for his self-titled YouTube channel where he uploads his travel vlogs.

His videos explore the nature, culture, authenticity, and way of living of the people in various parts of the world.

Moreover, his friendly and humourous interactions with the local people are admired by his viewers.

Harald Baldr

As of July 2022, Baldr has 2.31 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and his Instagram handle @heraldobaldieri has 203k followers.

Fact Time ⏰ – Harald Baldr prefers cats over dogs as a pet but he is a huge animal lover. While he was in Sri Lanka, he visited a Sea Turtle Rescue Center and made a vlog episode about how the volunteers save the injured sea turtle and their eggs from danger.

Net Worth

The Norwegian Youtuber has an estimated net worth of $400,000 as of 2022. Harald Baldr primarily makes his income via Ad revenue, and sponsors on his YouTube channel.

Moreover, he also makes income through his Patreon page where his fans make donations to him.

Baldr prefers saving his money rather than spending on luxury items so we can say he lives a pretty simple lifestyle.


What is Harald Baldr’s height & weight? Baldr stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches and he weighs approximately 78 kg. He has dark brown eyes and hair.

Harald Baldr Physique

Despite being always on the road and eating every kind of food while traveling, Harald has managed to maintain a fit and healthy body. No matter where he is traveling Baldr likes to go to the gym or involve in Physical activities like Hiking which helped him to maintain a fit and healthy body.


Who is Harald Baldr dating? Harald Baldr is currently single as of 2022. He has not revealed his love interest yet as he likes to keep it private.

However, there were rumors that he was dating a Thai girl in the past. There are no records of Harald being married.

Early Life

Where was Harald Baldr born? Harald Baldr was born in Oslo, Norway to a middle-class family.

He found his passion for traveling from a young age but due to his family’s financial condition, he never gets to travel much.

Young Harald Baldr

However, Harald is now known as one of the most popular travel vloggers and he has visited as many as 70+ countries and has made hundreds of videos about his experiences there.

Harald Baldr

Now, let’s take a look at Harald’s career:


Harald Baldr found a love for travel while he was still in high school as he would usually travel around the city whenever he gets a chance.

But he truly found his passion for traveling and making videos when he was 18.

He started making plans to travel around the world while he was studying in Australia.

He would save money by going out less, cutting his hair, not buying new clothes, not having any cold drinks, and so on.

All these small saving habits helped him to fund his travel and buy the gear needed to make videos.

Harald Baldr
Harald Baldr’s with a Yak on the Himalayas of Nepal

He started filming his travel on Parth, then later visited Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

This was the start of his travel series but still, at that time there was no proper video-sharing platform so he would just share those videos on social media.

Harald Baldr

Later in 2001, he used his student loan money to travel around the world while documenting his experiences in videos.

Then on 20th March 2015, he created his YouTube videos and started uploading videos along with history and geography videos.

His oldest video on the channel is titled “Piotr’s House Ukraine” which was filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine.

On the video, he gave away $100 to a local named Piotr and the video got quite a good amount of views which kickstarted his growth on YouTube. The video currently has 207k+ views as of July 2022.

He has over a 2.3million subscribers on his channel as of July 2022 and he has won hearts from all around the world for sharing the authentic culture and beauty of different countries.

Baldr is also a good friend of another travel vlogger Bald and Bankrupt who he met first time in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since then, they are a good friend and both of them often appear on each other’s videos as well as on social media.

Take a look at a picture of Harald and Mr. Bald together:

Harald baldr and Benjamin Rich aka Mr Bald


  • Harald started his Patreon page to fund his travel videos initially but with his increased YouTube income, he started giving away all the Patreon donations to locals of the place he visited.
  • He funded his initial Travel expenses using his student loan money which he was paying till 2019.
  • Harald Baldr and Dale Philip are both travel bloggers who love to travel and share their experiences on their YouTube channels.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Harald Baldr:

Q: What happened to Harald Baldr?

A: Harald Baldr is actively traveling to different parts of the world and making travel series about his videos as of 2022. But he has dramatically slowed down uploading videos on his Youtube channel. His last video was about his Nepal visit where he trekked in the Himalayas which he uploaded 6 months ago. However, Harald is active on his Instagram account where he likes to share updates with his fans.

Q: Does Harald Baldr has an Instagram account?

A: Yes, Baldr has an Instagram account with 203k followers where he shares travel pictures along with the story behind it and his Instagram handle is @heraldobaldieri.

Q: What is Harald Baldr’s real name?

A: His real name is Haraldo Baldieri.


Image credit: @heraldobaldieri Instagram

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